Sharia Finance: Unlocking the potential of ethical financing in Indonesia and Malaysia

Indonesia is the world’s most populous Islamic nation with over 230m people who adhere to the Muslim faith. That alone would seem to make it an ideal market for Islamic banking products that comply with Islam’s Sharia law (see box “Growing…

Data, dashboards and delivery: the keys to success for Thai ORIX Leasing and its customers

It is hard to build a leasing business in a country where people don’t like leasing: but that is exactly what Thai ORIX Leasing, ORIX Group’s subsidiary in Thailand, has done – and very successfully too.

Robeco: The “Investment Engineers” creating wealth AND well-being

For an asset manager with a long history and established traditions, Robeco has a very modern mission: not only to produce above-market financial returns but also to help tackle global issues.

Private Equity Investments in Japan: ORIX Carves Out a Successful Future

Here are three interesting facts about Japan: First, it has one of the largest number of publicly listed companies in the world; at over 3,700 in 2020 only India, the US, China and Canada have more, according to World Bank figures. Second,…

This Platform Matches Intellectual Property to Issues, Producing World-Changing Business Ideas

Creating world-changing innovative technologies is not the prerogative of large corporations. It does not depend on a company’s scale—in Japan, small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups often play a role.

Making AI Work Better by Bridging the Gap Between Data, AI and the Issue at Hand

It is not only large corporations that create world-changing innovative technologies. Around Japan there are many SMEs and start-ups that are pushing the boundaries of innovation, and which ORIX supports through its corporate financial ser…

Techniques for Developing New Businesses that Ride the Tides of Our Changing Times - ORIX's Deeply Rooted "Culture of Inquisitiveness" -

The recent advances in information technology have driven major progress in technologies such as AI and IoT, and the world is changing at an unprecedented pace. The accelerating speed of change in the business environment is causing busine…

The Rapidly Evolving World of Logistics Shown through ORIX’s Latest Facility

Looking at the photos below, you might not think the terrace with a gorgeous view and a spacious café space could be part of a logistics facility…

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