About ORIX

ORIX Group is a corporate group active around the world in financing and investment, life insurance, banking, asset management, real estate, concession, environment and energy, automobile-related services, industrial/ICT equipment, ships and aircraft.

We unite globally around our Purpose: “Finding Paths. Making Impact.”, combining diverse expertise and innovative thinking to help our world develop in a sustainable way.

10 Segments

ORIX has a business portfolio that enables our company to grow sustainably as the world around us changes. ORIX’s main businesses today fall into 10 segment categories.
Each segment and business unit makes the most of its unique strengths as well as creating synergies through inter-segmental collaboration in the development of products and services.

Company Overview

Information as of March 31, 2024.

  • FY24.3 REVENUE

    Net Income
    ROE: 9.2%


    for 59 years


    in around 30
    and regions


    34,000 people
    our success


    4.3GW of installed
    renewable energy
    around the world

  • Asset management business growth

    Asset management business
    Assets under management*
    69 Tln JPY

  • Total AUM for asset management businesses at ORIX Europe, ORIX USA, Real Estate Segments.

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