Contributing to Society through Our Business Activities

At ORIX, we are able to address the many different issues
posed to society through the development of businesses
in a variety of industries. We will continuously create
new values to contribute to society which leads
to sustainable growth.

Business Segments/Social Issues Transition to
a Carbon-free
Efficient Use
and Supply of
Creation of
a Society
that Reuses
and Recycles
Tackling Issues in Aging Societies/
Promoting a Safe and Healthy Lifestyle
Smart and
Resilient Society
Vitalizing Small
and Medium-Size
Customer Finance
Business and
  • Ship business
    (Ballast water
    system to reduce
  • Mail-order will
    substitute "Simple inheritance trust"
  • “Family Trust
    Support Service”
  • Life insurance
    business that
    diverse needs
  • Business succession support
  • Provide software
Related Business
and Services
  • Used equipment
  • Rental business
  • Robot rental
  • Drone business
  • Test car solution
Environment and
Energy Business
and Services
  • Renewable
    energy business
  • Energy-saving
  • Electricity
    and automatic
    control service
  • Sale and lease /
    rental of solar panels, electricity
    storage systems
    and other products
  • Electric power
  • Waste recycling
    and disposal
    support business
  • Garbage reuse,
    recycling and proper processing
    support / metal
Related Business
and Services
  • Used vehicle
    leasing and sales,
    vehicle purchasing
    and sales agency
  • Introduction of
    electric and hybrid
    vehicles in
    our car rental
    and car sharing

  • Telematics service
  • Development
    and sale of
  • Truck rental
Real Estate-
Related Business
and Services
  • Real estate investment and development business
  • Serviced office
  • Renovation and condominium repair business
  • Hot springs resort and hotel operations business
  • Comprehensive urban planning and redevelopment business
  • Real estate
  • Apartment
    measures for new
Private Equity
Investment and
  • Concession
Other Business
and Services
  • Preventive
    medicine support
  • Agriculture

Transition to a Carbon-free Society

We are supporting the shift to renewable energy—including solar, biomass, geothermal and wind—and the worldwide transition to a carbon-free society in countries across the globe. Our renewable energy power plant projects in regions around the world in addition to our power plant management and operation in Japan are a testament to our investment in and commitment to this area.

Efficient Use and Supply of Energy

ORIX is involved in various businesses including energy-saving services and electric power retailing. We contribute to efficient energy use and supply by providing products and services aligned with customer needs that save energy and reduce energy costs.

Creation of a Society That Reuses and Recycles

ORIX provides an array of services to help create a society that emphasizes the extended use of things of value and a society that recycles, reuses resources, and effectively uses natural resources to reduce the generation of waste and environmental loading.

Tackling Issues in Aging Societies /
Promoting a Safe and Healthy Lifestyle

Measures to create a society where elderly people can live without worry is an important issue in Japan’s aging society. ORIX contributes to solving various problems faced by the aging society through banking business and real estate business. We provide products and services that are prepared to cope with money and health concerns through our life insurance and preventive medicine businesses, contributing to the realization of a safe and healthy lifestyle.

Regional Revitalization

ORIX contributes to the revitalization of local communities through its concessions business, agriculture business, Japanese inn (ryokan) and hotel operations business, and more. In cooperation with local companies and governments, we are working to increase business and tourism demand. Additionally, we are invested in developing agriculture in Japan by designing business models that incorporate new operation systems and stabilize local partners’ businesses, and increasing employment opportunities in the regions through our inn and hotel operations business.

Smart and Resilient Society

We contribute to the realization of a smart, resilient society through the products and services of our rental, auto-related, real estate and other businesses. Our rental business supports corporate R&D with an extensive equipment lineup and also offers cutting-edge robot rental services.

In the auto-related business, telematics services are used for companies' appropriate management of labor and prevention of accidents. In addition, we are also working on the development of special vehicles that respond to customer needs such as disaster response and operational efficiency, and a truck rental business that contributes to restoration and reconstruction efforts during earthquake disasters. In the real estate business, we are developing logistics facilities and office buildings that provide BCPs (business continuity plans).

Vitalizing Small and Medium-Size Enterprises

Small and medium-size enterprises play an important role in the Japanese economy. More than 99% of Japanese companies are small and medium-size enterprises, and employees of small and medium-size enterprise make up about 70% of the total Japanese employee population. Small and medium-size enterprises are a major customer for ORIX, and ORIX aims to support their growth and vitality by providing finance and other services to meet their management issues and needs.

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