Sustainability-Related Policies and Data

In addition to ORIX Group Purpose & Culture, links to policies and data related to the environment, social, and governance are posted below.

  Policies and Data
Management ORIX Group Purpose & Culture
Sustainability Policy Open PDF in New Window[111KB]
Material Issues, Key Sustainability Goals and Material Issues for Specific Business Areas
Environment Environmental Policy
Environmental Performance Data
Social Human Rights Policy Open PDF in New Window[222KB]
Modern Slavery Act Statement
Personnel-Related Information
Governance ORIX Group Code of Conduct Open PDF in New Window[241KB]
IR Policy
Sustainable Investing and Lending Policy Open PDF in New Window[85KB]
Privacy Policy
Information Security Policy
Compliance Related Policies
(Compliance Policy/Policy on prevention of corruption/Policy on giving and receiving of entertainment and gifts/Policy on prevention of money-laundering/Policy on prevention of harm by antisocial forces/Policy on prevention of conflicts of interest/Policy on prevention of insider trading/Prevention of unfair transactions)
Tax Policy
Corporate Governance Report Open PDF in New Window[410KB]

Governance-related Data
(Board of Directors / Audit Committee / Compensation Committee / Nominating Committee)

Governance-related Data
(Compensation of Directors, Executive Officers and Group Executives)

Governance-related Data
(Amount of Tax Paid by Country)
Other Report Library
Initiatives We Support
Certification and Recognition
(Inclusion in ESG Indices/Ratings and Scores by ESG Rating Agencies/Certification and Recognition/Awards)