Social Media Terms of Use

ORIX Corporation ("ORIX") sets forth here the terms of use ("these Terms") regarding the social media accounts opened, managed, and operated by ORIX and the services associated therewith ("the Service"), as follows:

  1. General Provisions
    These Terms shall apply to ORIX and Users in relation to the provision and use of the Service. The term "User" means a person who reads or uses the Service (not including ORIX). Users are required to use the Service only after reading and agreeing to these Terms. Users who use the Service are deemed to have agreed to these Terms.
    Posts and comments sent to the Service are deemed to be public information (information that the User who made such post or comment has consented to the content of the post or comment being open to other Users), and are stored and recorded by ORIX.
  2. Prohibited Acts
    Acts which fall or may fall under the following in relation to the Service are prohibited ("Prohibited Acts"). Posts and comments which fall under Prohibited Acts may be hidden or deleted without notice, and the accounts of the relevant Users may be blocked. No notice will be given to the relevant Users at such times:
    • Obstructing the operation of the Service or otherwise obstructing the Service;
    • Causing offence, disadvantage, or damage to another User, a third party or ORIX;
    • Violating a trademark right, copyright, or intellectual property right, or privacy or other right of another User, a third party, or ORIX;
    • Transmitting to another User, a third party, or ORIX through the use of the Service a harmful program or file such as a virus or the like that disturbs the normal functioning of computer software or hardware;
    • Accessing the Service by hacking or any other illegal act or monitoring and duplicating the Service;
    • Misappropriating for profit any information obtained through the Service;
    • Soliciting another User, a third party, or ORIX for investment, contribution, funding, or purchase of goods services;
    • Introducing or soliciting for viewing another website judged by ORIX to be inappropriate;
    • Acting in a way that is contrary to or unrelated to the purpose of the Service;
    • Identifying, disclosing, or leaking personal information;
    • Damaging the reputation or credibility of, or libeling, another User, a third party, or ORIX;
    • Using an obscene expression;
    • Acting in a way that may encourage or lead to a criminal activity;
    • Political, electoral, or religious statements;
    • Pretending to be another User, a third party, or ORIX;
    • Acts of affiliate marketing, advertising or publicity (including acts that direct Users to sites outside the Service which are for an affiliate marketing, advertising or publicity purposes); and
    • Other acts prohibited by the relevant social media operator, acts contrary to laws and regulations or public order and morality, or acts judged by ORIX to be inappropriate.
  3. Intellectual Property Rights
    Copyright and any other intellectual property rights (including, but not limited to, copyright, design rights, patent rights, utility model rights, trademarks, and know-how) in the information displayed on the Service belong to ORIX or the right holders of the relevant intellectual property rights.
    Users shall grant ORIX nonexclusive rights to use (including processing, extracting, reproducing, disclosing, and translating) the contents they have posted to the Service worldwide free of charge, and shall not exercise copyright, author's moral rights, or any other intellectual property right pertaining to such contents against ORIX.
    Users may not use any information provided through the Service without the permission of the copyright holder or author, except as permitted by the Copyright Act (such as private copying).
  4. Disclaimers
    • Information transmitted by ORIX on the Service is current at the time of transmission.
    • Information transmitted by ORIX on the Service is prepared based on sources considered to be reliable, but ORIX does not warrant the accuracy or certainty of such information.
      ORIX will not be liable in any manner for any damage or trouble incurred by Users in relation the information displayed or changes to or updating of the information display, etc. on the Service (including, but not limited to, damage due to lost business profits, suspension of operations, or loss of business information; the same shall apply hereinafter).
    • In addition, ORIX will not be liable for any damage, loss, or disadvantage arising from the use of the Service in any case, regardless of the legal grounds for the claim.
    • The User's browsing environment, including the type of browser, may cause problems with browsing, such as failure to load linked pages. ORIX will not be liable in any way for any damage or trouble incurred by Users due to their inability to use the Service.
    • ORIX may change the contents of or discontinue the Service without notice to Users.
    • Liability for information contained in Users' posts or comments on the Service lies with the Users who made the relevant posts or comments, and ORIX will have no liability whatsoever in that regard. In addition, information contained in Users' posts or comments is not supported by ORIX or an expression of the opinion of ORIX.
    • Information transmitted by ORIX or ORIX employees on the Service is not necessarily an expression of an official announcement or opinion of ORIX. For official announcements or opinions of ORIX, please refer to its press releases.
    • Social media services are provided by outside companies. ORIX does not guarantee their functions and safety. ORIX is not able to answer questions regarding the system operation conditions of third-party companies or the functions, uses, or technical matters of software or applications provided by outside companies.
    • ORIX does not have any obligation to reply to comments or inquiries sent from Users of the Service.
      Please note that the Service does not provide consultation or procedures related to contracts or services or accept inquiries regarding the activities of ORIX. For these matters, please refer to the following Contact Us page and contact the relevant departments.

      Contact Us

  5. Access to Basic Information
    ORIX may access information a User has made public to all Users such as their name and profile photo in their setting of each social media.
  6. Handling of Personal Information
    ORIX manages any personal information acquired from Users appropriately in accordance with its Privacy Policy.
  7. Changes to These Terms
    ORIX may change these Terms without obtaining the prior or subsequent approval of Users. These Terms after the change shall be posted on the website of ORIX, and shall become effective upon being posted.
  8. Compensation for Damage
    If any damage is caused to ORIX by an act of a User, ORIX may claim compensation for such damage from the relevant User.
    A User who has caused damage to another User or a third party through the Service shall be liable for the settlement thereof at their own expense.
  9. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
    The interpretation and application of these Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan. Unless stipulated otherwise, the Tokyo District Court in Japan shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance over all disputes related to the use of the Service and these Terms.

Last Modified: August 5, 2022

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