Incoming: How Kansai Airports is transforming to attract visitors from Japan’s international tourism boom

The tourists are back! Overseas visitors are flocking to Japan once more, with their pursuit of a unique cultural experience made more affordable than ever by a weak yen. This is providing a welcome tailwind to Kansai Airports, the joint v…

ORIX Group Purpose & Culture: Why it matters and how we aim to live it every day

ORIX Group celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2024, and over the 60 years since its founding has grown into a unique corporate group with an annual net income of nearly 300 billion yen and around 30,000 people worldwide. This growth has la…

Robeco: The “Investment Engineers” creating wealth AND well-being

For an asset manager with a long history and established traditions, Robeco has a very modern mission: not only to produce above-market financial returns but also to help tackle global issues.

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