IR Policy

ORIX are engaged in a dialogue towards the sustainable growth of the company with our shareholders and investors both within and outside Japan based on the below policy and principles.

Information Disclosure Policy

ORIX conducts information disclosure in accordance with relevant laws of the financial instruments exchange as well as the rules defined for the listing of our company’s stocks and bonds on the financial instruments exchange in order to respond to the needs for information disclosure from our stakeholders including shareholders.

Establishment of Rules for the Timely Disclosure of Company Information

ORIX has established “Rules for the timely disclosure of company information” as an inclusive basic policy to demonstrate timely disclosure of information based on ordinances and regulations, and also maintains a system to guarantee and manage this.

Processing of Shareholders’ Personal Information

ORIX uses personal information of shareholders and investors (collectively “shareholders”) only for the following purposes. For other details regarding our processing of your personal information, please see our Privacy Policy.

  1. To exercise rights or perform obligations pursuant to the Companies Act of Japan and other laws and regulations.
  2. To furnish various opportunities, including providing you various information and services.
  3. To implement various measures, such as conducting surveys to facilitate a good relationship with you,
  4. To conduct shareholder management, such as gathering data on shareholders pursuant to specific provisions under applicable laws and regulations.
  5. To respond to and handle various inquiries and proposals from shareholders.
  6. To perform other operations relating to (1) through (5) above.

Policy to Further Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders

The CFO and Investor Relations and Sustainability Department are responsible for ORIX Group’s dialogue with shareholders under the supervision of the CEO, who directs overall shareholder engagement.
ORIX Group implements necessary responses for timely information disclosure (including management of insider information) through its Disclosure Committee led by the CFO and Executive Officers in charge of Corporate Planning Department, Investor Relations and Sustainability Department, Corporate Communications Department, Treasury and Accounting Department, Credit Department, Legal Department, Compliance Department, Human Resources and Corporate Administration Headquarters and Internal Audit Department. ORIX Group is working to enhance opportunities for dialogue in addition to individual meetings, such as conducting financial results briefings in both Japanese and English for each quarterly financial results announcement.
The CFO regularly reports to the Board of Directors on opinions and concerns received from dialogue with shareholders, and active discussion about these issues is held together with ORIX Group’s Outside Directors and other related parties.

Designation of Quiet Period

ORIX has a designated Quiet Period from the day after settlement to the day of announcement of financial results to prevent leakages of settlement information. In principle, ORIX refrain from answering any questions with regards to settlements or earnings estimates for the settlement period in this Quiet Period.

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