Pioneering Business Succession: ORIX's Mission to Preserve Legacy and Drive Performance at DHC

ORIX has emerged as a key player in the area of business succession in Japan, where it works with private Japanese companies to identify paths to the future as they transition from their original founder-owner to a future-proof management …

Investing with Impact: Robeco’s mission to combine Purpose and Performance

As ORIX Group rolls out its new Purpose during 2024, Robeco is one part of the Group whose core mission aligns squarely with the ambition of “Finding Paths. Making Impact.” The Dutch asset manager, with €176 billion under management, is a …

ORIX and GT Capital: a partnership that is helping to build a modern Philippines

The luxury of staying in a top-class hotel combined with the comforts and privacy of your own home sounds like an enviable deal anywhere, but in modern-day Manila it seems to be a match made in heaven.

Matching up: How ORIX Life Insurance is changing its investment strategy and raising returns

Growth has never been the issue for ORIX Life Insurance Corporation. Over 30 years ago, in line with ORIX Group's strategic commitment to expand its presence in the retail finance sector, ORIX Life began selling life insurance policies thr…

Merchant Banking: How ORIX Bank is setting a new course in a traditional industry

ORIX Bank Corporation has always been an innovator. In the late 1990s, ORIX Bank pursued a unique business approach, breaking free from the limitations of conventional banking models. It became the first bank in Japan to offer time deposit…

Sharia Finance: Unlocking the potential of ethical financing in Indonesia and Malaysia

Indonesia is the world’s most populous Islamic nation with over 230m people who adhere to the Muslim faith. That alone would seem to make it an ideal market for Islamic banking products that comply with Islam’s Sharia law (see box “Growing…

Data, dashboards and delivery: the keys to success for Thai ORIX Leasing and its customers

It is hard to build a leasing business in a country where people don’t like leasing: but that is exactly what Thai ORIX Leasing, ORIX Group’s subsidiary in Thailand, has done – and very successfully too.

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