Tax Policy

ORIX stipulates in the Code of ConductOpen PDF in New Window[4.36MB] that employees must “comply at all times with all applicable laws, rules and regulations and ORIX Group policies and rules.”
In addition, it stipulates that employees must “understand and comply with tax laws, regulations and ORIX Group policies and rules.”

Policy of “Accurate and Transparent Tax Reporting”

ORIX strives for accuracy, transparency, and fairness in all our records and reports. No funds or assets may be maintained or used for illegal or improper purposes. ORIX does not facilitate activities that do not reflect economic realities and that are conducted to evade taxes or solely to transfer income in violation of the spirit of tax laws.
Any report, document, or statement submitted to a government or communicated publicly must be accurate, complete, understandable, and timely. It is critical that no false statements, misleading or artificial entries, material omissions, or misrepresentations are contained in any of ORIX’s tax books, records, or other documents or communications. ORIX employees should take all steps in the course of their duties to maintain ORIX’s internal control standards and to ensure the accuracy of records and reports, including tax records, to properly reflect all transactions and assets, and to report potential violations.
ORIX also thoroughly complies with related laws, regulations, directives, guidelines, and tax treaties, including tax laws of Japan and foreign countries and regions, in order to make the appropriate amount of tax payment at the appropriate time and in the appropriate place, and enjoy applicable tax benefits based on the use of tax treaties, while striving to optimize tax expenses.

Amount of Tax Paid by Country

FY ended March 2022 FY ended March 2023
Country Amount of tax paid (Millions of yen) Percentage by country Country Amount of tax paid (Millions of yen) Percentage by country
Japan 42,929 51.7% Japan 162,667 86.9%
United States 22,725 27.4% United States 7,294 3.9%
Netherlands 9,644 11.6% China 2,549 1.4%
Switzerland 1,476 1.8% Spain 2,013 1.1%
Others 6,255 7.5% Others 12,723 6.8%
Total 83,030 100% Total 187,246 100%
  • Note: The amount of tax paid is based on reports by country submitted to the tax authorities.