Human Resources Strategy to Support Sustainable Growth

ORIX's Talent Strategy

People are ORIX's most valuable asset. The concept Keep Mixed—the idea that diverse talent creates synergy—is the foundation on which our pool of talent is based. It is our belief that hiring talent of varying nationalities, ages, genders, and work experience is the key to blending diverse values and skills in addition to creating new value, which is the backbone of ORIX's growth. ORIX's human resources strategy centers around building a rewarding work environment where diverse talent can maximize their individual knowledge and expertise.

ORIX positions talent-related initiatives as one of its key ESG-related material issues and cites the following as a means of achieving this: Continue to improve employee satisfaction by respecting the diversity of our employees and creating an inclusive and equitable working environment that promotes flexible working styles and provides career development support, fair performance review and compensation schemes, and employee health support systems.

ORIX's talent strategy, human resources-related material issues and key goals, and ways in which it communicates with employees can be found here.

ORIX's Talent Strategy

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