Environmental Management

Environmental Policy and Goals

Environmental Policy

ORIX Group strives to understand the needs of customers and society, contributing environmental and energy solutions through business. We will continue to adapt to changes brought by business expansion and growth.


  1. Provide new ecological services that contribute environmental and energy solutions.
  2. Understand the impact of business activities on the environment, complying with environmental laws and regulations in order to reduce environmental impact.
  3. Raise employee awareness and knowledge in order to respond to environmental issues based on our nature of business.
  4. Provide and disclose information on matters required by environmental laws and regulations.

Updated September 25th, 2012

Environmental Safety and Quality Policy

ORIX Group will expand its business area in response to customers' diversifying needs and changes in the economic environment. We are also pursuing businesses that utilize owned assets such as facility management and environmental energy for the long term. Improvements in safety, sanitation, environmental solutions, and quality of service is particularly important to society when it comes to the construction and operation of facilities used for these businesses.
ORIX Group will contribute to society through business by consistently providing high quality services to its customers. Based on the Environmental Policy we have established, we establish the following Environmental Safty and Quality Policy:

  1. Comply with all laws, ordinances, agreements etc. concerning safety and health, environmental conservation, and quality.
  2. All officers and employees of the ORIX Group and its supply chain shall strive for "zero accidents" with the highest priority given to safety.
  3. Place maximum effort and pay close attention to the surrounding environment while implementing countermeasures to reduce environmental impacts.
  4. Provide reliable solutions that meet environment-related customer needs in products, technologies, and energy.
  5. Publicly announce the policy to all ORIX Group officers and employees and their supply chains.

Adopted in October 2014

Status on ISO14001

The ORIX Group currently possesses ISO14001 environmental management system certification for the following locations.

Company Name Date Awarded
ORIX Facilities Corporation October 2001
Ubiteq, INC. October 2004
ORIX Environmental Resources Management Corporation (Yorii Plant) January 2009
ORIX Eco Services Corporation (Funabashi Plant) June 2014
ORIX Eco Services Corporation (Kasukabe Plant) February 2017
Daikyo Anabuki Construction Incorporated (Specific departments, offices*) June 2019
  • Specific departments and offices for Daikyo Anabuki Construction can be found hereOpen Link in New Window. (in Japanese)