Our Efforts to Achieve Respect for Human Rights

Human rights risk analysis/evaluation and investment and lending-related decisions (establishment of prohibited transactions)

ORIX has worked with third-party experts to analyze the specific risk profiles of its various businesses in order to understand our overall human rights risk profile. Based on these analyses’ results, we have identified regions, business areas, and practices where human rights risks are particularly high.
We evaluate projects using the Sustainable Investing and Lending Checklist*, based on the ORIX Sustainable Investing and Lending Policy.Open PDF in New Window[85KB] We also use information from databases provided by third parties in this process. Human rights risk is an important factor in our investment and lending-related decisions. We strictly prohibit transactions with organizations that have elevated or suspected human rights risks, as well as sovereign initiatives in which human rights issues exist or are a concern, as described below.

  • Organizations that carry out forced labor, child labor, human trafficking, or any other practices defined as human rights offenses by the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015
  • Organizations that are operating in countries/regions determined as high risk in relation to human rights violations and have participated in human rights violations
  • A proprietary ORIX checklist based on international sustainability guidelines.

Compliance Hotline for Consultation and Reporting on Human Rights Issues

ORIX accepts human rights consultations and reports through our internal and external whistleblower system. The internal whistleblower system is available to ORIX Group employees and the external whistleblower system is available to our clients and suppliers. We accept consultations on human rights violations such as harassment and opinions on human rights considerations.