Internal Whistleblower System

ORIX Group has established an internal whistleblower system (the “Compliance Hotline”) with the aim of improving the governance of our Group through prevention, early detection, and timely responses to violations of laws, regulations, human rights and ORIX internal policies and rules. Our Rules on the Compliance Hotline define the structure and operation of the internal whistleblower system.
The Compliance Hotline is available through three channels: an external channel retaining outside lawyers and specialists, a channel for reporting outside of the internal management structure straight to the ORIX Corporation Board Audit Committee, and an internal channel. The use of these channels is as follows:

  • Reporting and advising regarding fraud and legal violations: outside law firm channel
  • Reporting and advising regarding inappropriate business execution, human rights violations, discriminations, harassment and other matters: outside specialist channel
  • Reporting and advising on matters related to accounting, internal control of accounting and audits, as well as issues pertaining to ORIX Corporation Board of Directors members, Executive Officers, and ORIX Group Executive Officers: ORIX Corporation Board Audit Committee Channel
  • General inquiries and consultations about the hotline matters:  internal ORIX channel
  • These channels allow reporting from executives, employees, temporary staff, part-time workers and retirees as well as members of their families by letter, personal interview, telephone and email. Reporting by email is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

   ■ Reporting routes


   ■ Responses to whistleblower reports


We work to ensure that the Compliance Hotline fulfills its intended function by facilitating anonymous reporting and reporting on systemic problems.
The Compliance Hotline is equipped to handle consultations from persons who are unsure how to deal with problems related to ethical conduct, legal conduct or organizational integrity issues. We also use posters and the company intranet as a means of informing officers and employees about the Compliance Hotline. For overseas group companies, in addition to the local hotline established at each company, we set up the Compliance Hotline at ORIX Corporation Headquarters in Tokyo where information can be reported anonymously from our overseas group companies. ORIX Group is aiming to enhance our compliance management on a global basis by detecting and correcting issues globally at an early stage, including those that may be difficult to resolve within the overseas group company.
The Rules on the Compliance Hotline prohibit any retaliation against employees who report in good faith and those who cooperate with the investigation. These Rules also impose an obligation on all officers and employees, including part-time and temporary staff, upon learning of an actual or potential violation of laws, regulations or our internal rules, to first, as a general rule, report it to their supervisor and in the event there is an obstacle to notifying their supervisor, to promptly contact the Compliance Hotline.
After receiving a report, under the management of the Compliance Hotline manager (the Executive Officer responsible for compliance), access to the information is strictly controlled and limited to the persons concerned, and investigations and corrective actions are conducted as appropriate.

Number of reports
In the fiscal year ended March 2023, approximately 120 reports were received through the internal whistleblower system and approximately 10 reports were received through the external whistleblower system.(The number of reports provided on a global basis.)

                        Breakdown of reports by topic