Talent Development

Talent Development

At ORIX, developing talent that can thrive on a global scale is a priority, and there are extensive opportunities for employees who actively take on challenges. We are dedicated to creating rewarding work environments that enable employees to enhance their abilities and expertise.

ORIX provides employees with opportunities and an environment that enables them to make their own career choices by supplying practical information to help chart their mid- to long-term careers as well as opportunities to acquire skills in new fields. Through systems such as the internal intern system—where employees can work in a different department of their choice for a designated period of time—and the career challenge system which allows employees to make a direct appeal to a department to which they wish to be transferred, ORIX allows employees to encounter and experience various work environments and jobs while remaining within the company and provides opportunities for employees to take on new challenges.
ORIX believes that while it is essential for employees to consider their own careers, it is also imperative for employers to take responsibility for employee growth and to establish a system that supports and encourages self-development.

Human Resource Development System

In a dramatically changing business environment, we have established various training systems to allow all ORIX employees to fully demonstrate their individual capabilities.

ORIX Corporation holds a total of 86,429 hours of internal training* for employees annually.

  • Internal training refers to professional development training held by HR during the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023.

Training System (ORIX Corporation, as of March 31, 2023)

Enhancing Management Skills

●Employee management and organizational development skills training
To develop new recruits and less experienced employees, we conduct job level-specific training starting with initial and follow-up training for new recruits, third-year training (for those in their third year at the company after joining as a new recruit), and training for new assistant managers. The training is designed as an opportunity to reflect on the trainee's experience at various points in order to delineate a vision for the future. We also conduct position-specific trainings at the management level for employee management and organizational development.

For Entry-Level and Mid-Level Employees

Training for new recruits Junior employee follow-up training
New recruits are taught foundational knowledge necessary for working at ORIX. Prior to joining the company, recruits are offered lectures on qualifications exams as well as on the company itself to deepen employee understanding of ORIX. After joining the company, employees receive new recruit training, which covers business manners, financial knowledge, thinking and communication skills that serve as infrastructure for their future careers. This program offers employees the opportunity to look back upon their training in financial and other areas and job responsibilities, and to consider their career path. The aim is to improve employee motivation through acquisition of foundational knowledge and communication with employees of a similar age.
Job level-specific training
Employees are offered level-specific training such as third-year training and new assistant manager training. The mission of these trainings is to encourage employees to reflect on their career up until that point and then envision their future career development.

For Managers

Training for new managers Management skill reinforcement training
We conduct trainings for newly-appointed managers and teach them basic knowledge necessary for managing, such as organizational direction and guidance, labor management, and incentive systems. This training teaches the principles and responsibilities of nurturing people and organizations. Employees learn about leadership and how to create a strong organization as well as how to achieve their ideal management style.

For Mid-career Recruits

Introduction training Follow-up training
We nurture the understanding of management philosophy, values, and the organization as a whole through conducting training upon entry so newcomers can realize their potential at an early stage. This program helps employees acquire fundamental knowledge of finance and ORIX products, and aids them in forming a personal network among fellow employees. Through this, we support employees who have work experience in other industries realize their potential.

●Global talent / next-generation development training
In the fiscal year ended March 2012, we established a global human resource development system to strategically develop employees who can succeed on a global stage. Initiatives for new recruits and mid-career employees include secondment to overseas subsidiaries and educational programs for acquiring global communication skills.

For Entry-Level and Mid-Level Employees

Global human resource development program Global trainee system
This program aims to teach not only English language skills but global communication skills such as negotiating, presenting, and an overall global business mindset as well. The goal is that these skills will lay the foundation for employees to become human resources with international mindsets. Employees who wish to go overseas or work in overseas-related departments have opportunities to be sent to the U.S., China, and South Korea with the aim of fostering human resources capable of helping develop overseas businesses. This training program combines overseas universities and business school programs with on the job training at the local subsidiaries.

Support for Career Planning

Individuals are increasingly required to make career-related choices corresponding to ever-changing social conditions and various life stages. In addition to enhancing our human resources system, we provide support so employees can think and act independently.

●Systems for career development

Internal intern system Self-application system
The internal intern system allows employees to work in the department of their choice for 5 business days, and is open to comprehensive and administrative work position employees, including chief managers who have been with the company for over 2 years. It targets employees who are interested in the work of other departments and helps deepen their understanding of other businesses while providing opportunities for career development. Employees may directly state to the human resources department where they wish to transfer. All employees have the annual opportunity to declare where they would like to transfer to. This system provides employees with opportunities to reflect on career path.

●Systems for self-directed career advancement

Career challenge system Internal job posting system
To further develop their careers in a self-directed manner, an employee may directly contact a department to which they wish to transfer. If both parties come to an agreement, the employee may transfer to that department. During business expansion or the launch of a new business, departments can internally recruit employees from other departments. Employees can apply and, if successful, may transfer.
Career change system
Employees who wish to advance their careers in a self-directed manner and achieve their full potential may change from administrative work positions to comprehensive work positions, or from regional comprehensive work positions to comprehensive work positions that are not limited to a particular region.

●Systems valuing contributions from senior employees

Career challenge system (ages 45 and older) Internal job posting system for senior employees
Mid-senior level employees may directly contact the department of their choice to leverage their abilities, expertise and strengths in a new business area. If both parties come to an agreement, the employee may transfer. In addition, in order to deepen the range of available career opportunities and allow employees to contribute further to ORIX, we have expanded the existing “career challenge system.” Employees are now permitted to apply for positions in former roles or departments. To support senior employees continuing to leverage their abilities, expertise and knowledge after age 60, multiple internal recruitment schemes are in place for a diverse range of positions.

●Work-life balance support (childbirth, childcare, nursing care) seminars
In addition to providing support through its human resource system, ORIX works to prevent job turnover due to childcare and nursing care worries by holding career design seminars on work-life balance so employees can obtain know how and advice from more experienced employees and acquire the knowledge required to prepare for life events and continue to work successfully.

Seminars for employees taking maternity leave and childcare leave Return to work training
Since 2005, ORIX has held seminars that support working parents’ return to work and encourage communication and exchange between them. These seminars explain the environment surrounding working parents, outline points employees should consider for mid- to long-term career planning (such as when to return to work), as well as helping them prepare for balancing work and home life. Held for working parents planning to return to work the following year, providing information on how to be successful as a working parent, the importance of effectively communicating with colleagues, and how to arrange a structure for balancing work and life outside of work.
Post-return career workshop Childcare seminars for couples
Held for employees who have recently returned to work; provides an opportunity for working parents to communicate and consider their mid- to long-term careers. The concept is for employees to envision their not-so-distant futures and consider various steps they can take from an early stage. The workshop includes time for the employee’s manager to participate, to both help them understand working parent’s situation and to provide mid- to long-term career support. Since 2016, we have held seminars for couples to provide opportunities not only for working parents but also their spouses to think about how work, careers and family life can be balanced. This contributes to nurturing a network between working parents and their partners, and providing opportunities for employees to think about long-term career development and work styles.
Nursing care seminars
Employees with family members who require nursing have been increasing, and many employees express anxiety about future nursing care needs that are likely to arise; therefore, balancing nursing with work is a critical issue. We have been hosting nursing seminars for employees interested in nursing care since 2016.

●Diversity promotion / training for female employees
To help female employees maximize their capabilities, we provide training to support them in taking a lead role in building their own careers, and promote further advancement of women in the workplace.

For Entry-Level and Mid-Level Employees

Women's forum for employees
This forum is held for younger women employees. The goal is to encourage employees to take initiative in choosing their career paths. The activities of the forum include talks given by top management and external lecturers, as well as opportunities for staff at various levels to network with each other.

For Managers

Study group for female managers from other industries Mentoring program
This group aims to foster the development of female executive candidates at companies who are proactively promoting the advancement of women, and to create an external network among them. Activities include round-table conferences inviting female directors, career seminars by external lecturers, allowing ORIX employees to think and interact with their peers outside of the company. Executives and department managers regularly mentor employees regarding work and career paths, providing opportunities for mentees to expand their horizons. Mentees may select their own mentor and theme.

For more information regarding systems for work-life balance, please see here.

●Diversity promotion / training for senior employees
In the belief that the participation of senior employees with extensive experience and expertise can enhance organizational strength and vitality within the company, ORIX conducts career interviews with employees of the age of 50 and promotes the advancement of senior employees in the workplace.

Career interview Training for senior employees
Recognizing the age of 50 as a significant milestone, employees undergo an interview with a human resources department career counselor, are encouraged to reflect on their strengths, experiences and values. They are also asked to take initiative in progressing in their roles and work styles with the aim of achieving consistent performance. In response to the extension of the retirement age to age 65, this training provides an opportunity for employees to think about responsibilities and work styles beyond the age of 60. Information about maintaining health and managing personal assets is also included in the training.

Support for Self-Development

We encourage self-motivated employees to further develop the skills and knowledge necessary for work through various self-development support programs.

Selective training program Self-development support program
Held to encourage individual independent career decisions in a fast-paced, ever-changing business environment. Employees can select their training of choice in this selective training system that exists to support employee skill development. We encourage self-motivated employees to further develop the skills necessary for work using various self-development support programs such as financial support for commuting to university at the graduate level, or bursaries when having acquired qualifications recognized by the company as valuable to the organization.
System of financial support for self-improvement Online learning platform
A fixed annual benefit point is given to employees, which can be used for various activities such as self-development through acquiring qualifications, learning languages, promoting health via fitness centers, and balancing work and family life using childcare and nursing-related services (employees are free to choose any option). To support realization of self-directed careers and further accomplishments by its staff, ORIX has introduced an online learning platform which allows all employees to learn fairly without time, place, or language restrictions.

Initiatives at Group Companies


In addition to training for ORIX Group employees, ORIX Auto offers its own leveled programs, open admission, and selective educational opportunities for staff. Leveled programs allow staff to learn the basic knowledge necessary for their employee grade, while open admission programs educate staff on timely, relevant topics. At selective training programs, employees are actively given opportunities to develop their human capital, such as participation in the OAC Leaders Program for the next generation of managerial candidates.
ORIX Auto has educational programs both at its directly managed locations and franchise operations to foster professionals in car rental store operations. ORIX Rent-A-Car has introduced the ORIX Rent-A-Car Qualification Certification System to raise employee motivation and to develop human resources who can improve their skills and provide uniformly excellent service at all times. Additionally, purpose-specific trainings are held with the intention of strengthening fundamental knowledge and sales etiquette. Purpose-specific training is conducted online since the fiscal year ending March 2022.

ORIX Rentec

ORIX Rentec centrally manages its engineers' skill levels in the inspection and calibration of measuring instruments through the “CALNET system”, a system independently developed by ORIX Rentec. Under this management system, engineers must not only have the required qualifications for inspecting and calibrating measuring instruments but must have reached the appropriate skill level before they are allowed to inspect or calibrate the instruments.
Under this system, thousands of measuring instruments are classified into about 200 fields, and the required skill level is set according to each engineer's experience level. In order to upgrade to a higher skill level, the engineer must take an exam; engineers use this system to set their annual goals on which skill level to acquire every year in each field. By visualizing the engineers' skill levels, ORIX Rentec strives to maintain and improve both the quality of its services and the motivation of its engineers to further continually their skills.

ORIX Hotel Management (Accommodations)

ORIX Hotel Management has introduced AEDs (automatic external defibrillators) in all the accommodation facilities it operates, and employees periodically attend lectures on first aid.
We have been holding joint disaster response training sessions for employees in charge of our various facilities since 2018; in 2019, we held the same training sessions for employees at every one of our facilities for the first time. In 2020, we held training sessions for employees of Hakone Gora KARAKU pre-opening. In 2021, we conducted trainings designed for less seasoned employees and trainings that center around night shift-specific responses.

Sumida Aquarium and Kyoto Aquarium

At Sumida Aquarium and Kyoto Aquarium, practical courses given by external lecturers—including stage actors—aimed at all aquarium staff members are held several times a month. Both aquariums endeavor to be spaces where visitors can feel a connection to nature and living things, leading to an awareness of their natural environments through interactions with animals at the aquariums and their unique characteristics. We believe it is essential to not only showcase the sea animals, but for staff members to educate aquarium guests through communications with visitors. Therefore, we provide staff members with the opportunity to learn to how to interact with guests by answering their questions, through their actions, and other methods.

Performance Review and Compensation Scheme

The performance review and compensation scheme has three purposes: human resource development, achievement of organizational goals, and reflection in employee treatment. In the performance review and compensation scheme, we emphasize regular interviews and dialogue between superiors and subordinates. Superiors present the basis for the roles and expectations they have for their subordinates in line with their work, and provide feedback on performance review results. In addition, they understand the mid- to long-term career aspirations of subordinates and support them in achieving those aspirations. In order to ensure that the scheme functions fairly and equally, we require supervisors to undergo training as evaluators. We also conduct surveys on the behavior of superiors as seen by subordinates, so that the Human Resources Department can understand the actual conditions of superiors.

Performance Review and Compensation Scheme Chart

Performance Review and Compensation Scheme Chart

Performance Review and Compensation / Career Support System Cycle

Performance Review and Compensation / Career Support System Cycle