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This website ( is operated by ORIX Real Estate Investment Advisors Corporation. This website shall be used in accordance with the conditions listed here. As these conditions may change as the situation requires, please confirm those that apply each time that you use this website.

1. Changes

We may correct, revise, add, discontinue or delete this website and the information listed on this website without notice.

2. Trademarks, copyright etc.

This website and the information listed on this website is protected by the copyrights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights that are owned or managed by the ORIX Group. However, if a right holder owner exists outside of the ORIX Group, the intellectual property rights will, as a rule, belong to the respective right holders. When using this website, users should adhere to all laws relating to copyrights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights.

3. Guarantee limitations

We will endeavor to make sure that information listed on this website is up-to-date and accurate. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, integrity, reliability and safety (including computer viruses and other harmful entities) etc. of this website or the information utilized by users. Moreover, we does not guarantee that the information provided on this website is appropriate for all countries worldwide.

4. Responsibility limitations

We are exempted from responsibility for any direct or indirect losses incurred as a result of usage of this website.

5. Data such as business results

The information listed on this website includes future forecasts for the ORIX Group that have been based the judgement of ORIX Group management members in light of currently available information, as well as risks and uncertain factors related to economic trends, fierce competition in the industry, market demand, currency exchange rates, tax systems and other various systems. Accordingly, actual published business results and other information may vary as a result of these factors and the ORIX Group cannot be held responsible for any losses that users incur as a result of using the information listed on this website. The ORIX Group does not have any obligation to revise future forecasts shown on this website in light of any new information or future events.

Information is not listed on this website for the purpose of attracting investment. If deciding to actually invest, please make such a decision based on your own judgment rather than relying completely on the information listed on this website.

6. Links to other websites

This website may include links to other websites. We ask that users choose to use such links based on their own discretion. We do not bear any responsibility for or guarantee the content of such websites. When using such websites, please confirm the conditions of use of each such website.

7. Applicable laws and court of jurisdiction

The use of this website as well as the interpretation and application of these conditions is based on Japanese law. The Tokyo District Court will have exclusive jurisdiction for any disputes that arise regarding usage of this website.

8. Links

If you wish to provide a link to our web site on your web site please contact us( for permission in advance. When you contact us please include your company/entity name, purpose for linking our web site to your site, and the URL address of your web site where you would like to add a link to us. Please do not add a link to our web site until you have received permission to do so. We do not permit web sites with illegal contents to link to our web site.

9. Use of Cookies

In order to provide our customers with better information and service we use Cookies on certain pages. Cookies are small data files that are transmitted through a web browser to the hard disk or memory of a particular customer so that they can be identified. Cookies do not transmit customers' names, addresses or telephone numbers to us. If you wish to disable the Cookie function on your browser you may do so through your browser settings.

10. Security

This web site uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology. In addition, we also use firewalls to protect information within our web site. However, please note that we are not able to make a 100% guarantee as to the safety of transmissions over the Internet due to the limitations of this technology.

SSL is an encryption technology used to protect transmissions between customers and our server. SSL works by encrypting data that has been input by customers and transferred from customers to our server and retransmissions of data for confirmation from our server to customers. The use of this technology greatly reduces the chance of third partiesaccessing and altering transmitted data in the case that it is intercepted. Even in the case that transmitted data is intercepted, the matching electronic key is necessary to decode the information. Although the number of electronic keys is limited, the identification of the correct electronic key would take a substantial amount of time and is therefore considered very difficult.

11. Access Log

This web site records access information as an access log. Access log may be used for the betterment of usability, statistical analysis regarding access to the web site, and investigation of illegal access or system failure.

Access log contains domain name, IP address, date and time of access, name of accessed file, referrer URL, used browser and OS, and will not link to any personal information.

12. Browser Information

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Please note that in some versions or combinations of OS, browser, and update programs, you may not be able to view this web site. Also, this web site uses Cookie, SSL and JavaScript. Some of the features may be limited for use if they are turned off. Please enable them on your browser when viewing this web site.


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15. Updates

The Site Policy may be updated. Please check the last modified date below.

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