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Sustainability Report for the Fiscal Year Ended March 2021 (Back Number)

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  • IntroductionOpen PDF in New Window[383KB]

    Sustainability at ORIX
    Foreword / Contents
    About ORIX

  • A Message from the CEOOpen PDF in New Window[259KB]
    A Message from the CEO
    ESG-related Material Issues and Key Goals
    ORIX Group Sustainable Investing and Lending Policy
    Human Resources Strategy
    Corporate Governance
    GHG (CO2) Emissions Reduction Goals
    Review of Material Issues
  • Contributing to Social Themes Through Our Business ActivitiesOpen PDF in New Window[237KB]
    ORIX Europe / Environment and Energy / Real Estate
    Aircraft and Ships / Auto / PE Investment and Concession
    Corporate Financial Services / Asia and Australia / Banking / Life Insurance
  • EnvironmentOpen PDF in New Window[636KB]
    Environmental Policy and Goals / Addressing Climate Change
    Information Disclosure Based on TCFD Recommendations
    Scope 3 Value Chain GHG Emissions and ORIX’s Businesses
    Environmental Performance Data / Third-Party Assurance
    Reduction of Environmental Impact in Business Processes
  • SocialOpen PDF in New Window[236KB]
    Our Approach to Human Rights / Our Efforts to Achieve Respect for Human Rights
    Personnel-related Information
    Social Contribution Initiatives
  • GovernanceOpen PDF in New Window[202KB]
    Core Principles of Our Sustainability / Approach to Promoting Sustainability
    Sustainability Governance Structure / Sustainability Promotion and Implementation
    Information Security / Crisis Management System / Compliance
    The Initiatives We Support / Inclusion in ESG Indices

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