Integrated Report/Annual Report

Integrated Report for the Fiscal Year Ended March 2019 (Latest)

The Integrated Report is available in PDF formats. Visit the IR Library page for other publications and links to more data.

If you have difficulty reading the files directly from your browser, we recommend that you download the files onto your hard disk and then read them directly from the Acrobat Reader. Some of these are large documents, please note the file sizes before you download them.

This Integrated Report presents an abridged version of ORIX's financial information. For more details, see ORIX's Form 20-F filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

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  • ContentsOpen PDF in New Window[846KB]
  • Sustainability at ORIXOpen PDF in New Window[349KB]
  • A Message from the CEOOpen PDF in New Window[436KB]
  • FundamentalsOpen PDF in New Window[379KB]

    Business Model
    Xpect the Next: The Source of Value Creation
    Creating New Value: Our Value Creation Process
    A Dynamic and Diversified Business Portfolio: A Track Record of Value Creation
    ORIX’s Business Portfolio
    ORIX from a Balance Sheet Perspective

  • Management StrategiesOpen PDF in New Window[288KB]

    Medium-term Strategic Directions and FY2019.3 Results
    Feature 1: Large-scale Investments – The Avolon Investment
    Feature 2: New Initiatives – Digital Transformation
    Financial and Capital Strategies

  • Corporate GovernanceOpen PDF in New Window[1.6MB]

    Corporate Governance at ORIX
    Management Team
    Comments from Outside Directors
    Execution Framework
    Management Team: Executive Officers and Business Unit Managers
    Compensation System
    Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors (IR Activities)
    Risk Management System
    Investment Risk Management

  • Strategy by BusinessOpen PDF in New Window[509KB]

    Segment Overview
    Corporate Financial Services
    Maintenance Leasing
    Real Estate
    Investment and Operation
    Overseas Business

  • Human Resources InitiativesOpen PDF in New Window[135KB]

    Relationship with Employees

  • Financial SectionOpen PDF in New Window[105KB]
  • About ORIXOpen PDF in New Window[102KB]

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