Integrated Report/Annual Report

Integrated Report for the Fiscal Year Ended March 2023 (Latest)

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From the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023, the Sustainability Report has been incorporated into the Integrated Report.

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  • Introducing ORIXOpen PDF in New Window[4.7MB]

    ORIX by the Numbers
    A Diverse Portfolio of Businesses
    ORIX in Society
    Responding to Social Issues and SDGs
    CEO Message

  • Value Creation StoryOpen PDF in New Window[3.0MB]

    Value Creation Model
    ORIX’s Value Creation Story
    History and Inherent Values
    Value Drivers
    Model for Adding Value
    Value Creation Case Studies

  • Creating Value Open PDF in New Window[3.6MB]

    Medium-term Direction
    ESG-related Material Issues and Key Goals
    Sustainability Promotion and Governance Structure
    Status of Initiatives to Address ESG-related Material Issues and Key Goals
    Addressing Climate Change
    Initiatives for Human Rights / Sustainable Investing and Lending

  • Management Foundation that Supports Sustainable GrowthOpen PDF in New Window[2.8MB]

    Financial Strategy and Capital Policy
    Human Resources Strategy
    Risk Management
    Promoting a Digital Transformation

  • Corporate GovernanceOpen PDF in New Window[3.3MB]

    Corporate Governance at ORIX
    Management Team
    Messages from Outside Directors
    Evaluation of Effectiveness of the Board of Directors
    Activities of the Board of Directors and the Three Committees
    Compensation System
    Execution of Operations Framework
    Management Team: Executive Officers and Business Unit Managers

  • Strategies by BusinessOpen PDF in New Window[1.7MB]
  • DataOpen PDF in New Window[3.0MB]

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