Sustainability at ORIX and Sustainability Policy

Sustainability at ORIX

Since our founding, contributing to society by creating new value through our business activities has been fundamental to ORIX. Providing new value to society and being a company that is needed by society are what makes ORIX’s sustainable growth possible.
In addition, operating with an awareness of sustainability has become fundamental to the survival of companies amid constantly shifting economic, social and global environmental conditions. Based on this thinking, ORIX strives to accurately assess and identify the opportunities and risks arising from economic, social and environmental changes in order to work with our stakeholders and community to contribute to the economic development and sustainable growth of the larger global community, and to incorporate those opportunities and risks into our corporate management.

Sustainability Policy

In September 2019, we adopted our ORIX Corporate Sustainability Policy to clarify our intention to promote sustainability across the enterprise.
The ORIX Corporate Sustainability Policy states Core Principles of Our Sustainability as follows.
For ORIX Corporate Sustainability Policy, please refer to the following:

Core Principles of Our Sustainability

Care for the natural environment
We measure and minimize our environmental impacts and look to provide solutions to society’s environmental issues through our business.

Respect human and labor rights
We uphold human and labor rights as defined in international standards such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

Promote diversity, equity and inclusion, and care for the well-being of our employees
We respect the diversity of our employees and provide opportunities and environments maximizing their professional development. Furthermore, ORIX is committed to respecting the culture, customs and environment of countries and regions where we operate, and positively contribute to those economies and societies. We are also committed to creating safe and secure workplaces where our employees can thrive and where no forms of discrimination are tolerated.

Uphold the highest business ethics
At all times we conduct our business in accordance with all laws and promote fair competition. This includes rejecting all forms of corruption and bribery, not engaging in unethical transactions, associating with anti-social forces, or engaging in activities that could lead to conflicts of interest.