Proper Consideration of Our Customers

ORIX believes customer satisfaction is the cornerstone and foundation that will enable ORIX Group to serve society and remain relevant in the years to come. Trust is imperative to every professional dynamic; to build enduring relationships with customers, ORIX must treat the various life events of customers as their own, ensure that respect and humility come before all else, and meet and exceed customer expectations without exception.
To achieve this, ORIX has identified and established the following two material issues.
   “Emphasize client satisfaction and developing and offering sustainable products and services.”
   “Endeavour to gain and keep the trust of our clients in all of our business areas.”
When seeking business opportunities, ORIX endeavors to understand customer needs and offer products and services that are tailored to those needs. Our unwavering focus on our customers drives us to maintain and sharpen the professional skills and expertise needed to best serve them.

ORIX Life Insurance and ORIX Bank have established Customer-Oriented Business Operation Policies on which they base their business and are earnestly carrying out initiatives to improve and strengthen the services provided to customers.

ORIX Life Insurance

At ORIX Life Insurance, we believe customer satisfaction regarding overall customer experience and choosing ORIX Life Insurance as an insurance provider is most central to success. As part of this initiative and to continue to earn the trust of our customers, we have introduced several Pledges to our Customers—based on these Pledges, we have established a concrete approach in the form of a Customer-Oriented Business Operation Policy. Our focus centers on carrying out an array of initiatives to improve and strengthen our services while actively gathering customer input.

Pledges to Our Customers Customer-Oriented Business Operation Policy
  • Provide products that fulfill customer needs
  • Provide services that adhere to the customer
  • Promote customer-oriented solicitation activities
  1. Provide easy-to-understanding information to our customers and work to improve ease of use
  2. Develop and provide products and services that meet our customers’ expectations
  3. Adopt an internal system for prioritizing customer-oriented operations and management

Mechanism to achieve customer-oriented business operations

The mechanism below is in place to create customer-oriented reforms and new services while placing emphasis on prioritizing the customer above all else in order to achieve customer-oriented business operations.


Mechanism to tie customer input directly to operational improvement

For examples of specific responses and examples of improvements made based on customer complaints and requests, please see Examples of Improvements Based on Customer Feedback.Open Link in New Window(in Japanese)
For the number of customer input cases (including complaints*) in addition to specific cases, please see Regarding Complaints.Open Link in New Window(in Japanese)

  • ”Complaints” entails unsatisfactory feedback regarding products and services (regardless of the accuracy of the feedback), which connotes an explicit or implicit expectation that a complaint will be addressed or resolved.

Please refer to the ORIX Life Insurance Customer-Oriented Business Operation PolicyOpen Link in New Window(in Japanese) for details regarding ORIX Life Insurance’s various initiatives.


ORIX Bank places sustainable management at the core of its business and believes in creating a more sustainable society through providing products and services that can help resolve customer concerns and tackle social themes. To remind customers that ORIX Bank is there for them throughout their various life events, we have established a Customer-Oriented Business Operation Policy.

Customer-Oriented Business Operation Policy 
  • Pursue customer best interests
  • Appropriately address conflicts of interest
  • Clarify and increase transparency around commissions and fees
  • Provide critical information clearly and comprehensively
  • Provide services that satisfy customer needs
  • Establish an appropriate motivational framework for employees

Customer Satisfaction Scheme

ORIX Bank carefully considers the insights and requests of customers, and endeavors to further increase customer satisfaction by making continual improvements and enhancements to its operations and services.

[Customer service centers]	Customers relay their insights and requests through call centers, other means. [Internal information sharing]	Information is circulated internally, and measures are considered. [Measure to address customer insights, requests]	Efforts are made to improve products and services.
  • Customer insights and requests relayed to ORIX Bank are circulated internally as customer feedback.
  • Customer feedback is analyzed, and relevant departments consider appropriate measures. Measures to solve the issues are carried out after reporting to top management.
  • Through these efforts, ORIX Bank responds to customer feedback and steadily enhances its operations and services. These efforts can be found on our website on the Efforts to Address Customer Feedback page.

For further details regarding ORIX Bank’s various efforts, please see Customer-Oriented Business Operation PolicyOpen Link in New Window(in Japanese) and Efforts to Address Customer Feedback.Open Link in New Window(in Japanese)

Other Group Companies

Asset management firms ORIX Asset Management Corporation and ORIX Real Estate Investment Advisors Corporation each have their own respective Basic Policy for Customer-Oriented Business Conduct on which their business is based.
ORIX Asset Management Corporation’s Basic Policy for Customer-Oriented Business Conduct can be found here.Open Link in New Window
ORIX Real Estate Investment Advisors Corporation’s Basic Policy for Customer-Oriented Business Conduct can be found here.Open Link in New Window

Additionally, ORIX has established a Solicitation Policy that applies to the sale of financial products; however, we conduct our business applying this Policy to all financial services offered by ORIX and not limited to the products defined under the Law on Sales of Financial Products.
The Solicitation Policy’s basic policy is as follows:

  1. Conduct business appropriately and adequately, respecting customer wishes at all times.
  2. Strictly abide by laws, regulations, and rules, provide appropriate explanations accordingly, and act with integrity at all times.
  3. Provide high quality services as financial professionals whilst actively and consistently making efforts to improve.

ORIX Corporation’s Solicitation Policy can be found here. (in Japanese)