Questions about Finances and Performance

Where can I find out the schedule for the announcement of ORIX's financial results?

Please refer to the IR Calendar for the dates of upcoming financial results announcements.

What were your financial results?

Please refer to Latest Financial Results.


Where can I find information on ORIX's past financial results and other financial data?

Please refer to the Five-Year Summary for a snapshot of ORIX's last five years' results. Please see the IR Library section for Integrated Reports/Annual Reports, Financial Results and other documents.

Why has the figure for total revenue changed for previous years?

ORIX has adopted US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, which state that in the event of the sale of a subsidiary and/or business, the consolidated gains (losses) are to be reclassified for previous fiscal years. This may result in different figures the previously disclosed for such items as total revenue. The most recent results include the most current figures, which can be found on the Latest Financial Results.

What are ORIX's credit ratings?

Information is available on the Corporate Ratings.

What are ORIX's management strategies?

Please refer to the Integrated Report/Annual Report.
The latest management information can be found on the Latest Financial Results.

Questions about ORIX's Stock

What is your dividend?
What units are ORIX's stocks traded in?


What is ORIX's Stock Exchange Code?

In Japan:
Tokyo Stock Exchange
ORIX Stock Exchange Code: 8591

New York Stock Exchange
ORIX Stock Exchange Code: IX


Who should I contact to make changes in the title of share certificates or other administrative matters?

Please contact ORIX's transfer agent for common shares:
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation
7-10-11, Higashisuna, Koto-ku,
Tokyo 137-8081, Japan
Tel 0120-232-711

What is your shareholder composition? What are investor trends?

Please refer to the ORIX Stock Information page by following the link provided. ORIX is aiming to be well evaluated by its wide range of shareholders including retail investors.

Where can I find information about the Meeting of Shareholders?

Information is available on the Meeting of Shareholders.

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