Community Contribution Initiatives


Local contribution via mega-solar electric plants

Power plant No. 1 and No. 2 at Makurazaki Airport in Kagoshima Prefecture

Utilizing the former terminal building of Makurazaki Airport, we set up observation/learning spaces and an astronomical observatory, which are open to local elementary school students and the public.

Renatos Soma Solar Park

We built a power plant on land where diversion of agricultural land is permitted due to salt damage from the Great East Japan Earthquake, which has caused difficulties in agricultural production in certain areas. We contribute to local reconstruction and create employment by placing construction and maintenance management orders with local companies.

Power Plant in Yotsugoya, Niigata Prefecture

In developing this plant, ORIX worked to improve nearby roads and installed security lighting and cameras in order to contribute in creating a safer, more secure community. ORIX also built an observatory space with a view of the plant as a form of recreation in a move to energize the local economy.

Sumida Aquarium

Pop-up Aquarium

Sumida Aquarium launched the “Tokyo Goldfish Project” with the aim of connecting Tokyo's goldfish culture to future generations. Goldfish sellers flourished in Tokyo's downtown areas, and helped establish a local community through appreciation of living things. In addition to goldfish exhibitions in the aquarium and at pop-up events, we also participate in events at local commercial facilities and local facilities with replica goldfish scooping stalls set up just like in the early Showa* era created by Sumida Ward locals.

  • Showa era refers to the years 1926-1989.

Participation in local environmental conservation initiative

The Sumida Aquarium, together with the Sumida Ward government, participates in “kaibori” held at local ponds. Kaibori are initiatives to protect inhabiting creatures by temporarily draining ponds to improve the waterside habitat and help maintain the overall environment. The aquarium also carries out surveys of water quality and plants and animals in rivers near the facility. In addition to utilizing staff expertise and contributing to local environmental conservation, setting up exchanges with local residents and communicating the charm of living creates that have made Tokyo their home allows the Sumida Aquarium to continue to act as a bridge between living creatures and local residents.

ORIX Buffaloes

Collaboration with Osaka City

ORIX Buffaloes has entered a comprehensive collaboration agreement with Osaka City, where the team is based.
We are actively promoting community collaboration in various fields such as sports, education and public relations. This includes sports lessons for elementary and junior high school students.
In addition, the team is collaborating with Osaka City and other professional sports teams (Osaka Evessa and Cerezo Osaka) based in the Maishima Area in Konohana Ward for the promotion of sports and development of the sports industry mainly in the Maishima area, contributing to the development of the local community.

ORIX Australia Corporation Limited (OACL)

Support for Foodbank

OACL Staff participating as Foodbank volunteers

Foodbank is one of the largest hunger relief organisation in Australia, supporting over 2,900 charities across the country and helping to provide food to 238,000 people in need each day. ORIX Australia has been involved with the organisation since 2013. Each quarter, we provide volunteers to assist in the picking and packing of food items to be transported to various charity groups. We also run a food drive once a year prior to Christmas in the NSW and VIC offices by asking staff to donate canned food or dry goods.

Cure Cancer Australia

OACL employees participating BBQ lunch for Cure Cancer Australia

Cure Cancer Australia (CCA) funds early-career cancer researchers who are working across all cancers and all areas of cancer research. ORIX Australia has been involved with CCA for seven years and fundraises once a year through a BarbeCure (BBQ lunch) in which we provide a dollar-for-dollar corporate match for staff donations.

Support for United Way

OACL Staff participating as United Way volunteers

United Way’s Macquarie Park Business – Community Partnership is the first of its kind in Australia and now in its eighth year of operation, along with other organizations headquartered in the Macquarie Park area, support children and youth in the local community by providing direct funding for early learning and youth employment opportunities.

Support for Beehive Industries

Community support workers using a vehicle provided by OACL

Beehive Industries is a not-for-profit organisation supporting more than 250 seniors who are long-term unemployed, living with a disability and rely on the support of social enterprise operations. ORIX Australia is proud to support Beehive Industries with sponsoring an ex-leased vehicle to expand its transport needs to bring more seniors together in a socially inclusive environment to connect and participate in local activities.

ORIX Maritime Corporation

Lifesaving rescue operation

In August 2020, the bulk carrier vessel owned by ORIX Maritime Corporation named IRIS HARMONY contributed to the locating and subsequent rescuing of a person in distress at sea in southern Spain. The individual, who was of Algerian descent, had been aboard a boat on its way from Algeria to Spain when the boat capsized a few days prior to being discovered by the IRIS HARMONY en route to Egypt. Ultimately, by means of a rescue helicopter, three people in total were rescued. These rescues and the swift actions of the crew are due in part to routine accident response trainings. As the IRIS HARMONY is registered in Liberia, ORIX Maritime Corporation received a letter of commendation from Liberian authorities, which attributed the success of the rescue operation to the professionalism, swift coordination and dedication of the IRIS HARMONY’s crew. ORIX Maritime Corporation will incorporate the knowledge acquired from this rescue experience in its routine accident response trainings and continue practicing safe conduct in its sea voyages.

Providing Donations to Filipino Seafarers

ORIX’s ship business possesses 10 bulk carriers (bulk cargo ships). As of March 2023, the majority of the seafarers responsible for operating these vessels are Filipino, numbering several hundred. A significant typhoon hit the Philippines in December 2021 causing extensive damage, including to the homes of seafarers and their families. ORIX Maritime provided donations and support to the seafarers and families affected.

ORIX Real Estate

Cooperation agreements for sheltering stranded people in the case of a disaster

The following properties operated by ORIX Real Estate, through cooperation agreements with local municipalities, have been designated as emergency evacuation shelters for stranded people in the case of a disaster.
Seminar House Cross Wave Funabashi (Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture)
Hakodate Yunokawa HOTEL BANSO (Hakodate City, Hokkaido)
CROSS HOTEL SAPPORO (Sapporo City, Hokkaido)

Wire fraud damage prevention advisors

Apartment maintenance businesses Daikyo Astage (Daikyo) is being entrusted with the role of wire fraud damage prevention advisor by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Nowadays, as a way of conducting wire fraud—a serious societal issue—perpetrators increasingly visit peoples' homes directly to collect cash, and it is particularly important to warn and prepare elderly citizens living in properties of such invasions to prevent them from occurring. Roughly 3,200* management staff working at Daikyo properties in Tokyo (overseen by roughly 2,600 management associations) and headquarter employees have taken a Wire Fraud Damage Prevention Advisor course, in addition to speaking to residents directly, sharing information with them, and carrying out other forms of preventative action. (Figures as of March 31, 2023)

  • Figure does not take retirees into consideration

Construction repair work events

An apartment repair work company, Daikyo Anabuki Construction Incorporated conducts informative sessions preceding the launch of construction work not only for property occupants, but for neighboring residents as well. These sessions are held with the purpose of informing and educating those potentially affected by the construction work. For resident children, the company has also held dedicated information sessions, seasonal events, and an exterior wall painting and tile drawing experience event. The events have the objective of teaching children about construction in a fun way.

ORIX Corporation USA (ORIX USA)

Uplifting communities through social initiatives

ORIX Corporation USA (ORIX USA) believes supporting and giving back to local communities is what sets exemplary companies apart from good ones. In addition to sustainability, our areas of focus for corporate giving include assistance and empowerment for disadvantaged communities and affordable housing/homelessness issues. ORIX USA places particular emphasis on organizations that share its community-focused goals in addition to its diversity, equity, and inclusion values.

In the fiscal year ended 2023, ORIX USA focused its efforts on empowerment of disadvantaged communities by supporting long-term partnership initiatives to build financial literacy, create career or internship opportunities, or provide mentoring. We made donations to national organizations supporting a range of DEI initiatives, including Catalyst (helping to build workplaces that work for women), Center for Disability Services, Girls Who Invest, Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Legal Outreach, Leaders Forum / Asian American Pacific Islanders Leaders, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center, Military Veterans in Journalism, Project Destined, The Trevor Project, and The Brotherhood Sister Sol.

ORIX USA addressed immediate needs, including hunger, healthcare, financial assistance, and social services, for disadvantage communities. We made a donation to International Medical Corps for crisis-focused humanitarian support for earthquake relief efforts in Turkey and Syria. In addition, we focused on efforts in our local communities with donations to City Relief NY/NJ, Crossroads Community Services (NY and TX), Friends of Boston’s Homeless, Meals on Wheels Chicago, Mid-Ohio Food Collective, New England Center and Home for Veterans, North Texas Food Bank, Ronald McDonald House of Central Ohio, and Working in the Schools Chicago.

In fiscal year 2023, ORIX USA entered an annual partnership with Habitat for Humanity to support their mission of building safe, affordable homes and communities worldwide with employee volunteer building opportunities across our US locations. This partnership was renewed for fiscal year 2024.

For affordable housing/homelessness issues, ORIX USA donated to 20 non-profit affordable housing grants through its Lument and Boston Financial Investment Management subsidiaries, including Artspace, Boulder Housing Partners Foundation, Casa Familiar, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, Community Housing of Maine, Community Shelter Board, The Doe Fund, EAH Housing, Housing Up, Jamboree Housing Corporation, Kingdom Development, National Caucus & Center on Black Aging, Inc., National Church Residencies, New Destiny Housing, Presbyterian Senior Living, Preservation of Affordable Housing Inc., The Community Builders, The Neighborhood Developers, Volunteers of America, and Wakeland Housing Development Corporation.

ORIX USA believes that uplifting communities empowers all stakeholders—our employees, our clients, and our business partners. We are constantly looking for ways to engage with and positively impact the communities where we live and conduct business.