Organization of Executive Officers

Executive Officers

Under the “Company with Nominating Committee, etc.” board model, and within the scope of laws and ordinances, corporate decisions made at the Board of Directors are delegated to the Representative Executive Officer (CEO) to accelerate and achieve efficiency in business operations. The Representative Executive Officer makes important business execution decisions after deliberations by the Executive Committee or other appropriate committees in accordance with the Company’s internal policies. The business execution duties of executive officers are decided by the Board of Directors and the Representative Executive Officer and these duties are carried out based upon the Company’s internal policies. Group executives are appointed by the Board of Directors from among directors and executive officers of Group companies.

Execution of Operations Framework (As of January 16, 2024)

Individual Executive Bodies

Important decision-making, monitoring and discussions regarding the execution of business and sharing of information are conducted by the following bodies.

Executive Committee (EXCO) Discusses important matters related to the management of the Company.
Sustainability Committee Deliberates on important matters related to promoting and implementing sustainability.
Investment and Credit Committee (ICC) Discusses regarding investments and credit transactions that exceed certain specified investment or credit amounts.
Information Technology Management Committee Deliberates on important matters related to establishing fundamental policies for IT operations and IT strategy and implementing and maintaining IT systems.
Disclosure Committee To ensure timely and appropriate disclosure of information material to ORIX Group, the Disclosure Committee receives reports on material non-public information from persons in charge of each unit and takes steps necessary to determine whether or not timely disclosure of such information is necessary, and the appropriate means of disclosing such information.
Group Executive Officer Committee Discusses important matters relating to the business execution of ORIX Group.
Business Unit Strategy Meeting Discusses matters such as the strategy of each business unit and changes in the business environment.