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Commercial Facilities in the Umekita 2nd Project Area
19 Stores to Open in the Park Facilities and the North Building in the Advance Opening on September 6, 2024!

Mar 06, 2024

The Logo of the Facility

The exterior of the Facility (North Building)

TOKYO, Japan – March 6, 2024 – The joint venture of nine companies (“JV9”)*1 in charge of the Umekita 2nd Project GRAND GREEN OSAKA (“the project”), led by Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd., announced that the name of the commercial facility has been decided as GRAND GREEN OSAKA SHOPS & RESTAURANTS (“the facilities”). In addition, 19 of the stores will open in the park facilities and North Building along with the advance opening on September 6, 2024*2.
The facilities are based on the concept of “OSAMPO with Green,” and through relaxing shopping and dining experiences that have been cultivated at UMEKITA, will offer new discoveries and moments that can only be found there. The facilities will offer a shopping experience “More OSAMPO with MIDORI” in a space where you can enjoy together with others with MIDORI, meaning greenery.
Along with the advance opening of the project, the popular Hawaiian restaurant ISLAND STYLE CAFE & GRILL Koko Head cafe OSAKA will open for the first time in the Kansai region, and THE JACKSON GARDEN, a cafe and restaurant where you can have a wedding party, will open with lush greenery that spreads across the windows. In addition, TULLY’S COFFEE and Yurindo have collaborated for the first time to create a new type of store. The store will stock books, stationery, and miscellaneous goods in a space with a cafe, and it will actively hold art events and workshops. There is also an attractive lineup of stores where you can make new discoveries and interact with others, such as Patagonia Osaka Umeda, one of Japan's largest stores boasting a wide range of products including outdoor sports wear, and Gardens Umekita, a home improvement store that focuses on plants and aquariums with a new concept.
*1 One member of JV9, Umekita Kaihatsu Tokutei Mokuteki Kaisha, is an SPC funded by Obayashi Corporation.
*2 On September 6, 2024, UMEKITA PARK (the entire South Park and part of the North Park) and the North Building will open in GRAND GREEN OSAKA, and Umekita MMO General Incorporated Association formed by JV9 will begin designated management of UMEKITA PARK. In addition, the South Building will open around the spring of 2025, and the UMEKITA PARK (part of the North Park), developed in the second half of the project, will open around the spring of 2027, and the entire area is scheduled to open in fiscal year 2027. For more details, please visit the following link. ( Link in New Window, in Japanese)

■Introducing GRAND GREEN OSAKA Park Facilities, North Building, and South Building Shops and Restaurants
The commercial facility GRAND GREEN OSAKA SHOPS & RESTAURANTS in the Umekita 2nd project area consists of the park facilities, the North Building, and the South Building.

The Park Facilities
The park facilities will offer the experience of dining while enjoying the scenery of each changing season in an urban park, and a total of four stores, three in the UMEKITA PARK South Park and one in the North Park, will be located near the entrances, making them highly convenient. In addition, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the parks, such as take-out snacks and beverages at the cafe and restaurant SIK eatery and cafe booboo boo, as well as dining on the terrace.



Facility Exterior (North Building)

<North Building>
A total of 15 stores will open that will integrate with the greenery of the urban park. At gardens umekita, the first inner-city store at Home Center Konan, not only will plants be sold but the joy of plants will be proactively promoted. In addition, Patagonia Osaka Umeda, one of Japan's largest stores with an open and spacious area, and a shop where you can enjoy park life with your pet will open. In addition, there are plenty of healthcare-related facilities such as dentistry and obstetrics and gynecology. The North Building is connected to the adjacent GRAND FRONT OSAKA North Building by a deck.

<South Building>
Scheduled to open in the spring of 2025, the South Building will feature international restaurants and shops as a pioneer of cutting-edge urban lifestyle. One of the largest urban spas in the Kansai region will be equipped with natural hot springs and an infinity pool overlooking UMEKITA PARK, and as a wellness hub, it will provide high-value-added experiences such as health, beauty, exercise, and relaxation. In addition, a large-scale food market Time Out Market Osaka supervised by the global media Time Out will open. More details will be provided as it becomes available.

■Creating an Environment that is Easy to Work in for Staff
Many staff members will work at the facilities, and so a STAFF LOUNGE (rest area) with high functionality and comfort will be set up in order to realize the desire to be a facility where all staff can work healthily and comfortably. Based on the theme of “HYGGE,” which means “cozy space” or “good time” in Danish, the rest area uses natural materials such as warm wood grain and green, as well as gold mirrors and lighting, to provide a high-quality yet relaxing space.

Rest Area of the North Building

Rest Area of the South Building
*Scheduled to Open in around Spring 2025

<Main Facilities>

  • Work Booth and Staff Meeting Room
  • Relaxation-focused recliners and small tables
  • Staff photography studio made for social media and video shooting
    *Located only in the South Building
  • An unmanned convenience store operated by SHINKO Service Co., Ltd.
    * Placed only in the South Building. Available from early morning to late night

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