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Anabuki Construction’s ZEH-M Oriented Specifications with Full Electrification in Toyama Prefecture
“Surpass Toyama Sanbammachi Residence”
Condominium gallery to open to the public on July 29

Jul 28, 2022

Kagawa, Japan - July 28, 2022 - Anabuki Construction Inc. (“Anabuki Construction”) announced today that it will open a condominium gallery to the public on July 29 for Surpass Toyama Sanbanmachi Residence (total of 54 units on 15 above-ground floors), a condominium under development in Toyama, Toyama Prefecture.

Image of the exterior view

Image of the entrance

Surpass Toyama Sanbanmachi Residence is a 4-minute walk from the Nishicho stop on the Toyama Chihou Railway Toyama City Tram Line, located in the bustling Sogawa area south of Toyama Station. In addition to commercial facilities such as "SOGAWA FERIO" and "SOGAWA BASE," and a shopping street within a 10-minute walking distance, the area is expected to further enhance the convenience of transportation by trams and other means going forward, and create a lively atmosphere under the city's redevelopment plan, "Basic Plan for the Central City Area.”
All units are south-facing, and the road in front of the property is approximately 8 meters wide, ensuring abundant natural light. The property offers a total 6 layouts in 2LDK and 3LDK (65.91 m2 to 96.29 m2), some of which are equipped with ample storage facilities such as a large walk-in closet accessible from the living room and hallway, and a terrace area connected to the entryway.
ZEH-M Oriented specifications have been adopted and third-party certification in the BELS (Building Energy-efficiency Labeling System) has been acquired for the first time in Toyama Prefecture. The property offers a home with high thermal insulation performance and energy conservation, as well as full electrification to reduce utility costs.
Anabuki Construction will continue to create comfortable homes that cater to the needs of its customers.

■Features of Surpass Toyama Sanbanmachi Residence
1. Residential area offering the liveliness and convenience of the Sogawa area within close proximity

Surpass Toyama Sanbanmachi Residence is located in a residential area one street off Heiwa-dori, which is a bustling and convenient street with the commercial facility SOGAWA FERIO, Daiwa Toyama department store, and Sogawa-dori shopping street. The property offers convenient access not only to the city center, but also to the north and south of the city, with the JR Toyama Station only 14 minutes away by tram from the Nishicho stop of the Toyama Chihou Railway Toyama City Tram Line, which is a 4-minute walk from the property.

2. Exterior design
The design captures the history of Toyama, which is also known as a city of glass, and its traditions such as kumiko woodworking, while the monotone-based color scheme makes the property stand out in the Sogawa area. The building is designed so that all units are south-facing, adjacent to a road of approximately 8 meters wide on the south front, providing abundant sunlight.

3. Common areas

Image of entrance hall

Parking spaces are installed for 100% of the units. An application is available that allows residents to make reservations to take their cars out of the on-site multistory parking garage using their smartphones from home or while away. This allows residents to access their cars smoothly with little waiting time, even on days with bad weather. Benches for waiting will be available at the loading space in front of the entrance, and temporary luggage storage boxes will also be available at the entrance. The boxes can be locked for safe temporary storage of luggage.
Delivery lockers installed in common areas can be accessed with facial recognition, allowing residents to unlock them without having to take out their keys, even when their hands are full of luggage.


4. Safe and secure facilities introducing facial recognition technologies
The condominium is equipped as standard with “Surpass Escort Service + F-ace,” a security service that leverages facial recognition technologies. In addition, an e-mail is sent to a designated e-mail address when a family member returns home or when a package is left in the delivery box. If a visitor arrives while no one is in the unit, an e-mail will be sent with a photo of the visitor. The latest technologies such as these promise convenient lifestyles and peace of mind.

5. Layouts with ample storage facilities

Image of Festatelier

A total of 6 types, 10 variations (some with paid plans) of 2LDK and 3LDK (65.91m2 to 96.29m2) are available.
Depending on the layout, multiple types of closets are provided as a standard feature. Anabuki Construction's "Getting Ready Closet" faces the hallway and allows residents to store coats and other outerwear without bringing them into the living room, and has enough space to change in the closet.
The "Osamalie" storage, accessible from both the hallway and the living room, can be used as family storage, and the pipe hangers on the living room side make it easy to switch out wardrobes for different seasons, etc.
The studio space at the entrance (Festatelier: a coined word that combines festival and atelier) connected to the entranceway can be used for storage for hobbies, DIY space, or any other use that suits the lifestyle of the residents.


6. Adoption of ZEH-M Oriented specifications
ZEH-M Oriented specifications have been adopted for the first time in Toyama Prefecture as a part of the Surpass series, and third-party certification in the BELS (Building Energy-efficiency Labeling System) has been acquired. Materials with high thermal insulation have been used in the floors and ceilings and LOW-E double-glazing has been used for windows that are exposed directly to outside air without changes in room temperature. In addition, the use of high-efficiency equipment such as high-insulation bathtub and LED lighting achieves significant energy savings (more than 20% reduction compared to energy conservation standards).
Furthermore, the adoption of full electrification and the use of efficient equipment ensures a comfortable and economical home that is friendly to both people and the environment.

Image of high-insulation material applied to ceiling and floor

<DAIKYO and Anabuki Construction's Experience in ZEH Specifications>
In the ORIX Group's real estate business, DAIKYO INCORPORATED and Anabuki Construction, which are responsible for the condominium housing development business, have experience with a total of 26 condominiums with ZEH specifications (based on completed construction, as of July 2022).
In July 2018, DAIKYO reduced primary energy consumption by more than 75% in Lions Ashiya Grandfort, becoming the first company in Japan to receive a BELS evaluation certificate* as Nearly ZEH-M.
The two companies will promote the development of new condominiums to be developed in the future with specifications that meet the ZEH-M Oriented standard as a general principle, aiming to enhance environmental consideration and to improve the quality of living.
Website: (in Japanese)Open Link in New Window
* "Lions Ashiya Grandfort receives Japan's first Nearly ZEH-M certification" released on July 10, 2018(in Japanese)Open PDF in New Window[2.5MB]

7. Property overview
Address 2-6, Sanbanmachi, Toyama, Toyama (lot number)
Access 4 minutes on foot from Nishicho stop on 1, 2, and 4 lines of Toyama Chihou Railway Toyama City Tram Line
Scale and structure Reinforced concrete structure (15 levels above ground)
Site area [Common residential area] 860.14 m2, [Parking area] 431.98 m2
Total floor area [Common residential area] 4,888.15 m2, [Parking area] 694.16 m2
Total units 54
Parking space 54
Unit area 65.91 m2-96.29 m2
Floor plan 2LDK, 3LDK
Start of construction April 19, 2022
Date of completion Beginning of December 2023
Move-in date Middle of February 2024
Design Anabuki Construction Inc. Head Office First-Class Registered Architects
Construction Anabuki Construction Inc.
URL (in Japanese)Open Link in New Window
■Overview of first phase of sales
Unit for sale 22
Unit area 65.91 m2-85.51 m2
Floor plan 2LDK, 3LDK
Unit prices 34.2 million yen - 55.0 million yen

Location map

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