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2013 New Year’s Message From CEO Yoshihiko Miyauchi

Jan 04, 2013

TOKYO, Japan - January 4, 2013 - Please see below for a summary of the New Year's message delivered by CEO Yoshihiko Miyauchi to the management of the ORIX Group.

Creative Innovation in an Uncertain Environment

Overriding Environment
The world is moving as one, and causes for concern have come to have an impact around the world in the blink of an eye. There is a great deal of uncertainty and unexpected troubles such as 1)the impact of the European Debt Crisis on the financial markets, 2)the issue of the "fiscal cliff" in the United States, and 3) the prolonged worsening of relations between Japan and China.
In Japan, I believe that continued recovery demand, increased demand before the April 2014 consumption tax increase, fiscal easing from the change in administration, and heightened anticipation of yen depreciation based on economic stimulus give the potential for an interesting year.

A Period of Economic Social Reform is a Great Opportunity for ORIX Group
ORIX has become a company without peers. I'm proud that there are still growth areas that we can develop moving forward.
ORIX needs to further maintain its quality as the world still continues to undergo dramatic changes. "Quality" also extends to each transaction and the direction in which we are pursuing. We need to continue to maintain aggressive business expansion such as that of the energy and environment business and the facility operation business which are becoming new pillars, while at the same time adopting a more cautious stance especially toward Overseas Business where the external environment is unstable. Enterprising spirit and caution, not to mention our unforgettable positive spirit.

The ORIX Way
ORIX celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2014. The spirit of willingness to take on new challenges has supported our growth. Rather than complacency with one-time success, it was the result of proactively pursuing creative deconstruction and creative innovation. Along with continuing to creatively innovate in this complex and changing financial battlefield, we need transition towards what will be the next battlefield in 10 years, and create a new market. This is the destiny that has been assigned to us.

Lasting Corporate Value
A companies' continued value depends on the acceptance of the economic fruits produced through its economic activities. Those that have been accepted will remain as income. The creation of this cycle is corporate activity. ORIX needs to conduct business activities that generate profits through contribution to society. The combination of effort and expertise will definitely create something accepted by the world. ORIX is a member of society, and we need to become an even better member of society.

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