Warning About Third Parties Misusing the ORIX Group Name

March 29, 2023

There have been reports of direct mailings, e-mails and telephone calls by third parties fraudulently using the ORIX name and names confusingly similar to those of ORIX Group products and services soliciting lending and investment, and pursuing debt repayment.
Please be aware that ORIX and its group companies have no relationship with the following third parties.

Beware of Websites Imitating ORIX's Website

We have confirmed the existence of websites that imitate the ORIX website.
If you access these imitation websites, you may be infected with a computer virus or your inputted information may be misused.
Please check the address displayed on your browser to see if it is the ORIX website.

The correct address for ORIX Group sites includes "orix.co.jp/".
Those with different domains such as "orix-group.com" and "orix.co.jp.xxx.org/" are imitation sites.

As of March 29, 2023, the website "ORIX LOAN AND FINANCE" has been identified as an imitation of the ORIX Group.
This website and company is in no way affiliated with the ORIX Group. The confirmed imitation sites are as follows;
(Confirmed counterfeit websites)
English website
ORIX logo is used
The company address is "280 PARK AVENUE 40 WEST NEW YORK, 10017"

Notice Regarding Emails Soliciting Investments Under the Name of "ORIX Capital Trading"

We have become aware of e-mails sent under the name of "ORIX Capital Trading" which solicits investments. These emails use the name, "ORIX," without permission and ORIX Capital Corporation or the ORIX Group has absolutely no association with ORIX Capital Trading.

Name and address used in the emails:
ORIX Capital Trading
Hirakawacho Mori Tower 13, 2-16-1 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81 3-4589-5010

Notice Regarding Scam Emails Pretending to Be from Our CEO

It has come to our attention that unauthorized third parties are sending scam emails pretending to be from "Makoto Inoue," CEO of the ORIX Group, asking for legal actions or money transfers. Please note that the ORIX Group has absolutely nothing to do with these emails and exercise caution in the event that you are contacted from the email address below: