Creation of a Society That Reuses and Recycles

ORIX provides an array of services to help create a society that emphasizes the extended use of things of value and a society that recycles, reuses resources, and effectively uses natural resources to reduce the generation of waste and environmental loading.

We promote the reuse of vehicles and equipment, provision of products and services with high environmental performance, sharing, recycling of waste materials and proper disposal / recycling of waste.

Vehicle and Equipment Reuse

Used vehicle leasing and sales, vehicle purchasing and sales agency

ORIX Auto provides comprehensive automobile services including automobile leasing, automobile rental, car sharing, and vehicle management services. It had 1.40 million vehicles under management as of March 31, 2019, among the largest in Japan. We also leverage our vehicle expertise in businesses that make use of used vehicles. We operate our own auctions to distribute used vehicles and recycle used vehicles for parts.
In addition to used vehicles that we had offered through our leasing and rental car businesses, we distribute vehicles purchased from corporate and individual customers, and used vehicles from our sales agency service for corporate customers. Used vehicles from our leasing and rental businesses are of particularly good quality because we regularly maintain and inspect them.
We rigorously and comprehensively inspect used vehicles. We only offer those that meet our standards for sale or lease at retail outlets. We hold auctions at our own sites nationwide for the remaining used vehicles to sell them to other companies. We disassemble vehicles that we cannot resell and recycle them for parts.


Inspection and standards

Used car sales: We sell ORIX Certified Used Cars that meet ORIX Auto’s own criteria. Our inspections are carried out on all vehicles by AIS Inc. whose quality assessment is quite reliable. We issue certificates with evaluation scores for each vehicle. Based on the standards established by the Nippon Auto Auction Association (NAK), we select and sell only those with no repair histories.

Secondhand car lease: Rigorous vehicle inspections are carried out by third party institutions to check ORIX’s criteria such as year of manufacture, mileage, repair history and exterior and interior condition, to ensure we select and provide only vehicles that meet our standards.

Land transport

Transportation of used vehicles is entrusted to multiple land transportation companies. We regularly hold meetings about transport safety with each company.


For vehicles without resale value, we recycle them as parts and raw material through our partners around the country.

Purchase / sales agency service (entry to auctions)

We provide the following services so that customers can sell with confidence after eliminating compliance risk.

Purchase: removing the company's signboard from car bodies, submitting various certificates etc.

Selling service for outsourcing: arranging transportation of vehicles, removing the company’s signboard from car bodies, paperwork, etc.


In addition to 4 bidding venues and 5 satellite venues, we use external bidding venues. We utilize our own bidding venues and external auction sites distributed across the country to reduce the transportation distance of vehicles and thereby reduce CO2 emission.
Only corporate members who have been evaluated by ORIX Auto can participate in bidding at the venue. Members are exporters, domestic retailers, and wholesale distributors. Members can both bid and sell.

Used equipment sales

ORIX Rentec offers rental services for high-tech equipment such as electronic measuring instruments, scientific and environmental analysis equipment, and IT equipment. Its rental lineup included 1.8 million units in 32,000 categories as of March 31, 2019.
We rigorously control the quality of used equipment such as personal computers, servers, test and measurement instruments, and analysis equipment made available by the expiration or cancellation of lease contracts, with inspections to ensure the same level of operation and precision as the equipment we lease. We then sell the used equipment at reasonable prices directly to corporate and individual customers. We also periodically auction equipment to used equipment companies and sell through websites.
In addition, we offer asset purchasing services for customer instruments, machinery and equipment. Leveraging our rental business pricing and purchasing expertise, we help customers reduce the trouble and costs of disposing of equipment rendered unnecessary by replacement, facility renewal, and plant consolidation or relocation.
We sell the reusable equipment we purchase to used equipment dealers. We outsource the disposal of unsaleable equipment to Group company ORIX Eco Services, which handles recycling and proper disposal.


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Providing Products and Services with Outstanding Environmental Performance

EV / HV introduction of rent-a-car business / car sharing business

ORIX Auto is developing a car rental business and a car sharing business through approximately 2,800 bases nationwide. Approximately 10,500 units of EV (Electric Vehicle) and HV (Hybrid Vehicle) have been introduced out of the approximately 71,000 in operation (as of the end of March 2019).

Telematics service

ORIX Auto provides telematics services (e-Telematics) that visualize the operating status of customer vehicles equipped with an onboard communication and GPS device. We acquire information such as driving speed,driver behavior including sudden acceleration and deceleration, fuel consumption, and CO2 emissions in real time, and analyze these driving data to reduce the environmental load of vehicle use.

Specifically, a designated recipient receives an e-mail when unsafe driving behavior occurs, such as excessive speed or rapid acceleration or deceleration. Drivers will want to preclude the transmission of these e-mails, leading to safe, environmentally sound driving that reduces fuel costs, improves fuel economy and reduces CO2 emissions.



Number of vehicles with e-Telematics and e-Telematics PRO: 161,000 (as of the end of March 2019)

Automobile maintenance services

ORIX Auto offers maintenance lease service packages covering most of the administrative work related to vehicles, such as vehicle procurement, periodic check-ups, mandatory vehicle inspections, payment of various taxes, and accident assistance.
During inspections, we improve fuel economy and reduce exhaust gas in ways such as properly changing or replenishing the oil, checking tire pressure, and replacing worn or deteriorated parts. We also conserve resources by promoting the use of recycled parts when replacing parts during repairs.
ORIX Auto outsourced maintenance to approximately 8,944 garages as of March 31, 2019. We also established ORIX Maintenance Club in 1984 to improve the quality of maintenance, and the major garages we outsource to have joined. Other supporting members include tire and battery manufacturers, property and casualty insurance companies, and oil and parts manufacturers. The club holds a national convention once a year and regional conventions twice a year to share information, and also holds workshops to improve the level of maintenance technology and service. ORIX Auto periodically conducts surveys on the operations of maintenance contractors to confirm that they are providing maintenance necessary for safe driving without providing excessive maintenance.
ORIX Auto supplies garages with rebuilt components for some parts used for vehicle maintenance and repair. Rebuilt components are produced by disassembling and cleaning used components and refurbishing worn and deteriorated parts for reuse and help reduce CO2 emissions generated in the process of manufacturing new parts. We have rigorous inspection standards for finished products, which are equivalent to new in performance because of our quality checks. ORIX Auto has relationships with numerous suppliers of rebuilt parts to ensure the availability of high-quality parts when needed. We also select suppliers by conducting annual quality checks, and only work with highly reliable suppliers.
Each garage recycles waste parts from vehicle maintenance and repair as resources through recycling contractors.


Ship business

ORIX accumulates diverse expertise on ships, ranging from shipping finance, management and operation of owned vessels, to purchase and sale of vessels, and its mediation.
As of March 2019, we have 12 bulkers and 14 more will be added in the next two years. All vessels that are owned and all the ships added in the future are constructed at a Japanese shipyard, which is fuel-efficient and produces high quality products.
Also, ORIX will install ballast water treatment equipment which have low environmental impact on the vessels under construction. Ballast water is water that is loaded as a weight for the purpose of stabilizing an empty ship. Since this water is loaded after unloading cargo and then discharged at the port when cargo is loaded, its impact on the marine ecosystem is raising concerns because invasive/alien species are brought in with the ballast water. For this reason, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) adopted and put into effect the "Ballast Water Management Convention," which stipulates appropriate treatment of ballast water. Non-coastal international marine vessels to which the convention applies must have ballast water treatment equipment.

In terms of ballast water treatment, we are working on the conservation of the marine environment by installing equipment that uses filtration for washing and UV radiation to kill aquatic organisms, which is regarded as having the lowest environmental impact.
At ORIX, we engage in initiatives that contribute both to improvements in fuel efficiency and to reductions in environmental load: for example, our ships use low-friction paint on ship bottoms, electronically controlled main engines in place of mechanically-controlled engines, additions that improve the propulsion efficiency of our propellers, and on-board trash compactors.

Real estate development business

ORIX's real estate business segment conducts real estate development with high environmental performance. Buildings and developed logistics facilities have earned high praise for environmental performance certifications such as LEED*1 and CASBEE*2.


The ORIX Ueno 1-chome building is conveniently located between 6 different train stations with 6 different train lines all within a walking distance of 6 minutes. In addition to smooth operation, we commit to environmental performance and BCP and have acquired environmental performance certifications such as both LEED and CASBEE. The building is an office space that improves intellectual productivity of workers through designs including a rooftop garden where users can enjoy rich greenery and a view, as well as a bicycle parking lot and shower room for bicycle commuters.


Past Developments

Property Name Type Accreditation Completion Date
Hotel Universal Port Vita Hotel CASBEE A April 2018
ORIX Yaesudori Building Office CASBEE A August 2017
Shin Kyobashi Project Office CASBEE A April 2017
S-GATE Akasaka Sannou Office CASBEE S November 2016
ORIX Ueno 1-chjome Building Office CASBEE S, LEED-CS Platinum September 2016
Ichikawa Shiohama Logistics Center Logistics CASBEE A August 2016
Iidabashi 3-chome Building Office CASBEE A August 2014
ORIX Minami Aoyama Building Office CASBEE S April 2014
Inuyama Logistics Center Logistics CASBEE A July 2013
Kawagoe Daini Sangyo Danchi Logicstics Center Logistics CASBEE A May 2013
CROSS OFFICE Naikocho Office CASBEE A April 2013
Nihonbashi Koamicho Square Building Office CASBEE S March 2012
Kyoto Aquarium Aquarium CASBEE S January 2012
Yokohama Machida IC Logistics Center Logistics CASBEE A May 2011
ORIX Honmachi Building Office CASBEE S March 2011
ORIX Sendagaya Building Office CASBEE A March 2011
Ichikawa Chidori-cho Logistics Center Logistics CASBEE A February 2011
Cross Garden Kawasaki Commercial CASBEE A February 2011
Logistics Park Noda Funakata Logistics CASBEE A September 2010
Minato Mirai Center Building Office CASBEE S April 2010
  1. It is an environmental performance evaluation index under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Green Building Association, aiming to promote sustainable buildings worldwide with excellent energy efficiency. "LEED-CS" has a total of 5 evaluation categories and 2 bonus categories in which there are about 50 evaluation criteria. The evaluation is carried out based on the total value of each index.
  2. CASBEE (Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency): This is an evaluation system that ranks and evaluates the environmental performance of buildings. The comprehensive evaluation includes criteria on usage of environmentally friendly equipment and materials, energy saving efforts, as well as comfort within the building and considerations for the landscape to which it belongs. The buildings are given an overall grade ranging from S, A, B+, B- and C.

Promotion of sharing

Car sharing business

In ORIX Auto, we are developing a car sharing business with more than 1,700 car sharing stations centered around urban areas and operate more than 3,000 vehicles. We provide practical solutions for corporate and individual customers with diverse purposes and duration of usage.
The Japanese car sharing business started in 2002 when ORIX Auto and seven private companies took over the electric vehicle sharing experiment by the Association of Electronic Technology for Automobile Traffic and Driving. Since 2007, ORIX Auto began business operation independently.
At ORIX Auto, we have developed various measures for the first time in the industry. We have worked on developing markets and improving convenience for customers and have driven the promotion of the sharing economy. Initially, we tried to promote understanding of the term "car sharing" and that these cars can be borrowed “easily” and “for a short time". After that, we have promoted the advantages of sharing based on changing societal demands. Namely, environmental awareness such as "CO2 reduction by combined use of car sharing and public transportation", and the need to reduce car ownership costs by “using only when necessary”. Through the promotion of such characteristics, we have contributed to the expansion of this market.


Approximately 230,000 member users (as of the end of March 2019)

Serviced office business

We have a serviced office (rental office with service) business with five locations in Tokyo.
Disaster prevention measures such as BCP is installed alongside the latest equipment. Furthermore, we provide a competent and detailed reception service etc. via professional staff and facilitate the creation of an environment in which customers can fully concentrate on their businesses. We have a variety of choices from shared offices and booth offices for 1+ people, small offices for 2-3 people, to larger office spaces for 7-10 people.
Also, we support the tenants’ businesses with various services by ORIX such as insurance, loans, car leasing and training facilities.


List of Properties

Property Name Number of Rooms Characteristics
Cross Office Shibuya 49 The first CROSS OFFICE to open, co-working spaces
Cross Office Uchisaiwaicho 128 Executive Floor on the top floors, fully equipped with an emergency power generator, acquired CASBEE A
Cross Office Shibuya Medio 23 Rooftop garden, fully equipped with an emergency power generator
Cross Office Mita 77 Community space exclusively for residents, one person cubicles, fully equipped with an emergency power generator
Cross Office Shinjuku 59 Small-sized offices for 1-2 people, co-working spaces

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Recycling waste as resources and appropriate disposal

Businesses that recycle waste as resources and support waste disposal

ORIX Environmental Resources Management operates a zero emission* facility (Yorii Plant) that uses cutting-edge thermal decomposition, gasification and reforming methods in Yoriimachi, Saitama Prefecture. It is a PFI (Private Finance Initiative) project within Saitama Prefecture. A key feature of the facility is that it achieves 100% recycling through the gasification-melting of waste products at a temperature of approximately 2,000℃. The plant can process 450 tons of waste per day, making it one of the largest private-sector incineration and melting facilities in Japan in terms of processing capacity. The waste passes through various stages to be reused as material for asphalt pavements (slag) and road de-icing agent (industrial salts). The purified syngas produced during melting is refined and used to fuel a high-efficiency generator for power generation facilities at the site, and surplus electricity is sold to a power company. We set strict limits on emissions and minimize environmental loading to the greatest extent possible. We limit dioxins to one-tenth the legal limit and have voluntary restrictions on other emissions as well.

In ORIX Environmental Resources Management, we receive industrial waste from corporations. As our factory is a recycling facility where incineration ash is not produced, and processing is completed within our factory, corporations can rest assured that our factories have reduced environmental impact. In recent years, there has been growing demand for reliable waste disposal, thus we are also offering a video recording submission service that records the processes in temporary garbage pits and platforms.
We accept not only industrial waste but also municipal solid waste such as household waste that exceeds the processing capacity of facilities owned by municipalities. We are enhancing these services to complement municipal waste disposal. Currently, we have contracts with about 50 municipalities, including within Saitama Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture, Tokyo Tama area, etc. in the treatment of general waste. By using ORIX Environmental Resources Management, municipalities can recycle bulky garbage, nonflammable garbage and crushed garbage that has previously been disposed of through simple incineration or dumped in landfills, thus extending the life of the final disposal site.

ORIX Environmental Resources Management fulfills a backup function of garbage disposal when large-scale repair of municipal processing facilities and rebuilding is taking place, during which they are shut down. Recently, there is an increasing number of cases where we handle consignment processing of waste due to disasters that exceed the processing capacity of municipalities. We have concluded waste treatment backup agreements with multiple municipalities in case of disaster. In many of these cases it is often required to process large quantities in a short period of time. Anticipating the cases where it is impossible to sufficiently handle waste, (for example due to the sole processing capacity limitations of ORIX Environmental Resources Management), we have teamed up with leading private companies which hold processing facilities to build a stable backup system in a wide area.

Zeeklite Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of ORIX Environmental Resources Management, operates one of the largest controlled landfills in Japan. Our organization therefore provides final disposal as well as waste incineration and melting at the Yorii Plant, making us a single entity that can address a wide range of corporate and local government waste requirements.

  • Complete use of waste as resources, or for other purposes, to eliminate unnecessary waste emissions.


Approximately 120,000 tons processed (in FY2019.3)
Processing content breakdown: Approximately 70% of industrial waste and about 30% of general waste (in FY2019.3)
Types of recycled material: slag, metal, metal hydroxide, industrial salt, sulfur, purified syngas, electricity

Garbage reuse, recycling and proper processing support / metal recycling

Garbage reuse, recycling and proper processing support (nationwide recycling system)

ORIX Eco Services is building a network that collectively supports the collection, reuse, recycling, and proper disposal of garbage throughout Japan. We support customers’ garbage processing by centrally managing the processing facility’s selection and dispatch, sale price determination, cost reduction proposals, and administrative work related to proper disposal. This support helps ensure uniform collection, recycling quality, and the prevention of improper processing nationwide. We deal with the diverse needs of our customers through an appropriate processing network in cooperation with collection and transportation companies, companies that sell used products, intermediate processing companies, recycling companies and others.

Metal recycling (ORIX processing facilities)

ORIX Eco Services operates intermediate processing facilities in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture and Kasukabe City, Saitama Prefecture that mainly handle metal waste such as machinery and office automation (OA) equipment. We provide comprehensive processing of machinery and other waste composed of multiple metals that ranges from collection and storage to primary processing and material recycling, and sort out high-quality metals. Our integrated operations disassemble, erase data, and collect materials from waste such as OA and information technology (IT) equipment that contains rare metals, then sort the materials for recycling.


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