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Social Contribution Activities Overview

Social Welfare

Inviting children from foster homes, children and adults with disabilities, and families directly affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake to professional baseball games, aquariums and hotels

ORIX invites children, adults and children with disabilities, and families directly affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake to ORIX Buffaloes' regular-season professional baseball games; the ORIX Buffaloes' Fan-Festa event held once a year; and the Sumida and Kyoto aquariums and hotels operated by the ORIX Group. Employee volunteers participate in the aquarium events to assist with tours for the invited guests.

Sumida Aquarium Tour

Children launch rocket balloons in the baseball stadium

Donation of Assistive Vehicles

ORIX donated assistive vehicles to care facilities for disabled children throughout Japan every year since fiscal 2006, donating 90 vehicles by fiscal 2016. In fiscal 2016, ORIX started donating vehicles to foster homes as well.

Donation Ceremony

An assistive vehicle donated by ORIX

Support Activities Overseas

By providing assistance for the Darunee Scholarship program provided by the NGO Minsai Center Open Link in New Window, ORIX is supporting junior high school students in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Cambodia. In these five countries of the Mekong Delta, countless children stop attending junior high school because they have to do housework or laboring to support their financially disadvantaged families. The program provides such children with uniforms, school bags, shoes, notebooks, pens and other necessities for attending junior high school until they graduate.
ORIX has provided continuous assistance for this program since 2010. By March 2018, ORIX had supported 361 students in attending school, helping them to achieve their dreams.

Students receiving support for school attendance in Cambodia

Hands-On Experience Nature Classes

ORIX holds tree-planting experiences and experience nature classes every year in different areas of Japan, and is engaged in environmental conservation activities. Together with employee volunteers, in fiscal 2016 children in these areas participated in tree-planting experiences in Hokkaido and activities such as working on thatched roofs, known as gassho-zukuri (praying hands), in the village of Gokayama, a world heritage site, in Toyama Prefecture. Through a variety of experiences like these, ORIX aims to deepen the childrenfs understanding of the importance of forest regeneration and nurturing lush green forests in harmony with nature.

One of the experience nature classes

Promotion of Okinawa Coral Reef Transplant Activity "SANGO ORIX"

With SANGO ORIX, ORIX sponsors a transplant activity for coral reefs in Okinawa. To foster a deeper understanding for the natural environment and environmental protection, children in Okinawa Prefecture are invited to create coral seedlings used in reef transplants at a facility owned by Okiden Kaihatsu Company, Inc. The coral seedlings created by the children undergo a cultivation period before they are transplanted to the seabed in Okinawa Prefecture.

The children create coral seedlings

Support for Music, Culture and the Arts

"ORIX Award" presented at art exhibitions for children and adults with disabilities

Every December the Japanese Society for Disabled Children holds an art exhibition for children and adults with disabilities. The intent of these exhibitions is to give disabled individuals more opportunities to express themselves and participate in society and to deepen the public's understanding of disabilities. Embracing the intent and purpose of the exhibitions, ORIX has presented the "ORIX Award" to two outstanding entries every year since fiscal 2007.

The two works of art receiving the fiscal 2017 "ORIX Award"

Akira Miyagawa's "Fun" Concert

Since 2014, a composer Akira Miyagawa has been holding yearly concerts for children with social disabilities and their families in both the Kanto and Kansai regions. Furthermore, high school students and university student volunteers also participate, and ORIX is devising ways to create an atmosphere at the venues so that the entire audience can enjoy these professional performances to the fullest.

Concert for parents and children

Children try touching instruments at the venue

Creating Opportunities for Music Appreciation

ORIX sponsors activities contributing to the development and popularization of music in Japan, fosters young musicians, supports disabled artists, and sponsors music festivals.

Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

Support Activities for Children Who Create Our Future

The ORIX Miyauchi Foundation, a corporate foundation established by the ORIX Group, celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016. As a new commemorative initiative, it began support activities focused on alleviating child poverty in Osaka, the birthplace of the ORIX Group. The scope of this initiative is currently being expanded to other prefectures. As part of these activities, the foundation is supporting the "Childrenfs Cafeteria," initiative, in which local people of all ages provide children with meals and a place to stay. Looking ahead, ORIX will continue to expand its support for individuals and organizations that are coordinating activities in the public interest, especially those related to the healthy development of children and young people.

Children's Cafeteria