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Environmental Initiatives

"SANGO ORIX" - Okinawa Coral Reef Restoration Project

In 2008, ORIX Real Estate launched "SANGO ORIX", a project to restore Okinawa's coral reefs with the aim of protecting Okinawa's coral reefs abundant capacity to sustain biodiversity and pass pristine oceans on to future generations. At present,the project is planting coral off the shores of Okinawa.
In partnership with Sea Seed, LLC and Okiden Kaihatsu Company, Inc., ORIX is continuing its activities to protect and restore Okinawa's coral reefs. This includes conducting surveys to monitor and confirm the growth of the coral reefs. By July 2013, ORIX had successfully transplanted 6,800 coral seedlings of the total 10,000 scheduled.
ORIX Auto has teamed up with Pam, Inc., which operates "Okinawa Tour Land", a reservation site for travel in Okinawa to support the SANGO ORIX project by donating part of the sales revenues generated from hybrid car rentals reserved through the site.
Further, in October 2016, the ORIX Foundation conducted a "Coral Restoration Program for Children" in Urasoe City, Okinawa Prefecture. 72 children from child welfare facilities in Okinawa Prefecture participated in this program to learn about the importance of Okinawa's coral reefs through the experience of making coral seedlings for transplantation based on the theme of "What is a coral reef? Let's take part in coral reef restoration".

  • View of coral transplantation