Efficient Use and Supply of Energy

ORIX is involved in various businesses including energy-saving services and electric power retailing. We contribute to efficient energy use and supply by providing products and services aligned with customer needs that save energy and reduce energy costs.

Efficient Energy Use

Energy-saving services (ESCO services)

Energy-saving services seek to realize energy savings and reductions in CO2 emissions through increased productivity; the services are offered when our customers update or establish new production facilities in factories and buildings.

  1. Cooperation of the customer, who is our joint applicant, is required for application procedures and asset management
  2. This service does not guarantee the attainment of subsidies. We may be asked to return the subsidy if we have not complied with the application guidelines.
    Because subsidies come from public funds, there are restrictions on property disposition and obligation to report, and unapproved changes in plans, or failure to achieve certain results can lead to requests to return subsidies.
    In the case of a joint application, if ORIX returns a subsidy, the customer will be required to pay the amount equivalent to the subsidy returned (unless ORIX is liable for the causes of the return of subsidy).

Examples of provided services

Type of service Description Example of implementation
Energy saving service in production facilities Provision of productivity improvement and energy saving services mainly through renewal of the production facilities which are the main facilities of the factory Energy saving service by updating production equipment for beverages, chemicals and updates for industrial furnaces and injection molding machine etc.
Electrical / heat supply service Introduction of cogeneration facility aimed at stable procurement of power, countermeasures against BCP, and cost reduction In addition to introducing high efficient boilers, introducing more effective uses of waste heat
LNG fuel conversion Conversion of fuels used in factories from heavy oil etc. to LNG (liquefied natural gas) with low environmental impact for the purpose of reducing CO2 Reduction of CO2 emissions (Example reduction level of about 10 - 25% after conversion)
Energy saving service for factory utilities Introduction of energy-saving equipment to energy-intensive factories, mainly through updating utilities Introduction of high efficiency utility equipment (air conditioning equipment, lighting equipment, boiler, etc.) to reduce energy consumption (about 10 to 35% reduction)
Energy saving service for commercial facilities and office buildings Introduction of multiple energy-saving equipment to different types of facilities Introduction of high efficiency utility equipment (air conditioning equipment, lighting equipment, freezing refrigeration equipment, EMS equipment etc.) (example reduction of about 5 to 35% after introduction)
Energy saving service for local governments ORIX has been selected as the representative business entity of the municipality's ESCO project introducing multiple energy-saving facilities to different types of facilities Reduction of energy usage fee by introducing BEMS, air conditioning CO2 concentration control / fan volume control, high efficiency lighting equipment, filtration system control etc. (Example: about 10 to 15% reduction after introduction)


  • Approximately 750 cases (as of the end of March 2019)

Electricity visualization and automatic control service

BE GREEN Next is an energy conservation service that enables the automated control of electricity being used and its visualization. This service links an office’s lighting, air-conditioning, and security equipment to its IT systems. Its functions including automatic shutdown of lighting and air-conditioning if electricity use exceeds the threshold specified by the customer. The amount of energy reduced through this service is about 10% to 15%.

Sales and Lease/Rental Business of Solar Panels and Energy Storage Systems etc.

ONE Energy supplies wholesale sales, leasing and rental of solar panels and energy storage systems. By using solar panels and power storage systems together, customers can save electricity generated by solar power for private use, sell surplus electricity, and prepare for power outages. In addition, it can reduce the risk of higher electricity fees due to the increase in the renewable energy generation levy.

Efficient supply of energy

Electric power retailing

ORIX is a Power Producer and Supplier in Japan, which means we are an electric power retailer. ORIX primarily provides discounted power to corporate customers for their high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage facilities.

Target area

Areas serviced by Tohoku Electric Power, Tokyo Electric Power, Chubu Electric Power, Kansai Electric Power, Chugoku Electric Power, Kyushu Electric Power

"Visualization" service

We provide a “Customer Page” online with visualizations of electricity use for contracted customers free of charge.

Main service contents
Monthly electricity consumption, electricity charge, and electricity usage recorded every 30 minutes, which can be viewed online or downloaded. When contracting with multiple facilities, data on each facility can be compared in a list.


Annual electricity sales volume: 235,943,000 kWh (FY 2019.3)
Number of electric power supply destinations: approximately 12,000 facilities (as of the end of March 2019)

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