Since its founding in 1964, ORIX has based its activities on the concepts of “standing on our own two feet” and “creating new value.” Based on the principle of contributing to the economy and society through business activities, we have achieved continuous growth through creating new value and providing it to society. In return, the recognition we receive becomes our profit, and the cycle resumes. We will pursue creative innovation in order to continue to be an indispensable entity for society.

EC21 Excellent Company

ORIX established “EC21” which distinguishes ORIX's Corporate Vision as an “Excellent Company in the 21st Century” based on our corporate philosophy, management policy and action guidelines.


We have pride in creating new value which is highly regarded from the market.

The function of a company in society is to make a positive contribution to the economy reflected in the world around us. This is the true purpose and role of a company. By achieving this purpose at a higher level, ORIX is proud that as a company it contributes to society.


We win the trust of all stakeholders by responding professionally to diverse society needs.

It is the stakeholders, including shareholders, customers and employees, that have the most direct and large involvement in supporting the existence and development of a company. We aim to be a company that exceeds international standards by responding not only to the expectations of all of our stakeholders but also the expectations of society as a whole. By responding to these various expectations while maintaining a humble and modest position, we wish to become a company trusted by all.


We earn utmost respect from society with the highest standards of compliance with all laws, morals and a transparent corporate culture.

If a problem occurs that offends social norms during the course of corporate activities, the reputation of the company will be harmed. By acting according to higher standards than that of solely abiding by the law and raising these standards as ORIX grows, we would like to create a widely respected corporate culture of excellence.

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