Tackling Issues in Aging Societies / Promoting Safe and Healthy Lifestyle

Measures to create a society where elderly people can live without worry is an important issue in Japan’s aging society. ORIX contributes to solving various problems faced by the aging society through automobile business, financial services for retail, etc. Further, with the declining birthrate and aging of the population, the reliability of the social security system for the future is under scrutiny. We provide products and services that are prepared to cope with money and health concerns through our life insurance and preventive medicine businesses, contributing to the realization of a safe and healthy lifestyle.

Tackling Issues in Aging Societies

Telematics services: Monitoring services for elderly drivers

ORIX Auto launched the Ever Drive monitoring service for the families of senior drivers in February 2017. It reduces the risk of accidents using telematics technology. As the number of seniors involved in fatal accidents has been rising year by year, the objective of this service is to visualize driving to quickly identify the signs of dangerous behavior.
The service uses a specialized device mounted in the vehicle of the driver the family wishes to monitor, which provides the family with real-time information on driving behavior, including excessive speed and sudden acceleration and deceleration. ORIX Auto began offering the e-Telematics service to corporate customers in 2006 and leveraged this expertise in developing Ever Drive. Other supplementary driver support services include health consultations with doctors and nurses, a test to check cognitive function, and on-site support in the event of an emergency while on the road. In addition, visualizing senior driver behavior makes noticing changes in behavior due to dementia or other issues easier. In fiscal 2018, the telematics service was adopted by Okayama Prefecture’s Safe Driving Monitoring Project, and Ever Drive devices were installed in the private vehicles of some 150 senior drivers resident in the prefecture; the service was used both to gather driving data and to research changes in attitudes to safe driving. In the future, we intend to analyze various data that has been accumulated in this way, with the aim of developing services that help prevent accidents involving senior drivers. ORIX Auto will also analyze the data it collects to develop support services for senior drivers.
Moreover, we intend to contribute to the realization of an accident-free automobile society by sharing big data collected via e-Telematics and Ever Drive with municipalities, police, universities and research institutes, hospitals and nursing care facilities.

Japan's first mail-order will substitute "Simple inheritance trust"

At ORIX Bank, we offer products that respond to growing interest in relation to inheritance issues, such as succession of assets to the next generation as years go by.
The will Trust Substitute "Simple inheritance trust" handled by ORIX Bank is a product that collects funds deposited from customers collectively to the recipients specified in advance when a customer is set to inherit.
This product is a non-face-to-face service that completes contracts and the like by post and by phone, and it is possible to receive funds smoothly only with simple procedures such as posting documents at the time of inheritance.
Also, at ORIX Bank, we applied the "Simple inheritance trust" mechanism and started handling the "Shinkumi Inheritance Trust" and testamentary substitute trust “Gift to the Family” for the Yamaguchi Financial Group. The credit union and the Yamaguchi Financial Group will become the trust’s contract agency which serve as the focal point to guide customers from the application to the receipt of funds face-to-face. This makes it possible for customers to choose ORIX Bank for remote transactions, and Shinkumi Federation Bank as well as the Yamaguchi Financial Group for face-to-face dealings.

“Family Trust Support Service”—preparing for dementia

ORIX Bank's Family Trust Support Service provides support for the establishment of family trusts, in preparation for a decline in competency due to dementia or other conditions, and a resulting loss in decision-making abilities. ORIX Bank meets customers to listen to their concerns about asset management and asset succession, and suggests plans tailored to individual customer needs.
*Source: Cabinet Office, Annual Report on the Aging Society, 2017

Promoting a safe and healthy lifestyle

Life insurance business responding to diverse needs

ORIX Life Insurance strives to research and develop new products so that we can provide optimal insurance according to our customers’ needs, and we have a breadth of products lined up. Products of ORIX Life Insurance have earned high acclaim from external insurance professionals for not only being simple and easy to understand, but also for having extensive insurance benefits at affordable premiums.

Sales Channels: We provide products through the 4 channels.

Agency sales We provide various products to our customers through three types of stores. Insurance specialized stores handling not only life insurance but also damage insurance, stores for face-to-face dealings located near train stations and large shopping centers, and tax expertise stores to provide consultations with specialist knowledge about tax, which make a total of 5,800 stores (as of the end of March 2019)
Sales by financial institutions Offered at approximately 6,100 branches (as of the end of March 2019) such as city banks, regional banks and credit unions.
Mail order Sales via mail and internet.
Face to face sales by employees From 2016, ORIX Life Insurance's sales representative conserve advisers are providing face-to-face sales. It is meant to complement other sales channels, and provide consultations to customers.

ORIX Life Insurance supports sales and other activities of partner agencies. Our sales representatives provide advice for making better proposals to customers of our business partners, and follow-up on insurance claims and benefit claim procedures. In addition, we regularly host gatherings with local distributers to share relevant information about new products, life insurance, laws and regulations.
In addition, we have set up an "agent help desk" to respond to inquiries from distributors, and support operations not only on weekdays but also on weekends. We are also continually seeking to improve the printed materials we publish for our customers; we received the UCDA Award—the most prestigious prize at the Universal Communication Design Association-sponsored UCDA Awards—three years in a row in 2016, 2017, and 2018, and we are increasing the convenience of customer procedures. 

Customer satisfaction: seeking to realize customer-oriented business operations

All company executives act in a manner that prioritizes the customer; in order to implement customer-oriented reforms or create new customer-oriented services, we have adopted the following stance:

Trends in indivisual insuarance policies in force

Preventive medicine support

As the first medical mobile service company in Japan, FREEILL contributes to a wide range of regional medical services by offering rental services for vehicles equipped with advanced diagnostic imaging system including MRI and CT scanners.
We provide rental for a minimum of 2 hours with the necessary technical support (photography by a technician/ analysis by a radiologist) according to the requirements of the place, time and duration. At medical institutions, advanced diagnostic imaging can be provided to patients without the need for investing in new facilities or specialists, and can be used as a substitute when certain equipment cannot be used due to pending device updates or version upgrades. For enterprises and local governments, it is possible to provide brain lung check-ups etc. on mobile check-up facilities located at designated places. This not only improves the examination rate but also reduces costs through gathering all patients (and visitors) to one check-up facility and making large-scale commissions.
With growing awareness on transitioning from treatment to preventative care in order to reduce medical expenses, the mobile screening facility for companies and health insurance associations are utilized to meet the health management needs of companies.

Photo MRI loaded car
MRI-installed car
Photo An MRI apparatus installed in a car
An MRI apparatus installed in a car

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