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Is This a Hotel Lobby?
-Rental Car Business, Operated by ORIX ORIX Auto Corporation-

A Relaxed Hotel Ambience

"Good afternoon. We have your reservation. Will you be staying in the area for two nights, three days?"
"The attendant will show you the way. Have a pleasant trip!"

At first glance, this might seem like a scene from a hotel lobby. However, this interaction actually takes place at the ORIX Rent-A-Car New Chitose Airport location.
This location sits on an expansive site covering around half the area of the Tokyo Dome, with 2,000 parking spaces. As one of Hokkaido’s largest rental car locations, the location is leagues apart from typical rental car locations in town, in terms of interior appointments and its sheer size.

Never Making Customers Wait

We did not create this kind of rental car location simply because we had a large plot of land to spare.

Our goal was to create a rental car location that never makes customers wait for service.
We understood that what our customers really want is to enjoy their holiday or get business done. Renting a car is only the means for doing so.
Besides providing customers with safe and clean vehicles as a matter of course, we believe that our customers expect us to get them into a vehicle and on the road as comfortably and as speedily as possible.

This is all the more important in Hokkaido, a popular sightseeing destination, where more than 2,000 customers visit our rental car location per day at the height of the summer travel season.
With the size of conventional rental car locations often seen around town, it would be impossible to serve so many customers. That is why we insisted on creating at our rental car location an ambience with large enough space for customers to spend time with their families, colleagues and friends comfortably, if only for a few brief moments.

Naturally, we needed to do more than developing physical infrastructure. To enhance our staff’s specialized knowledge of rental cars and their commitment to customer service, we created our very own Rental Car Meister Certification system. All of our staff members are welcome to take this certification exam. This includes not only front desk staff, but also personnel working behind the scenes on tasks such as washing and arranging vehicles. The certification system is implemented at all of our rental car locations across Japan, not only in Hokkaido, to ensure that we are able to provide customers with a pleasant start to their trip.

An Unprecedentedly Immense Location

Creating this rental car location was a tremendous challenge for us.

The ORIX Rent-A-Car New Chitose Airport location opened in 2007.
At the time, a rental car location of such magnitude was unprecedented in our industry.
How could we smoothly and efficiently get customers into a rental car and on their way? Based on our experience of nearly 30 years, we thought through how we could ensure that customers would never have to wait. We revised lines of movement at the location and segmented tasks, and conducted trial runs over and over again. After these exhaustive efforts, we were finally able to open the location.

Today, we are sharing the efficient operating methods established and proven at this large-scale rental car location with our other rental car locations throughout Japan, including our Naha Airport location in Okinawa Prefecture, which is one of the prefecture’s largest rental car locations. In doing so, we are helping many more customers enjoy a comfortable travel experience.

Tackling Bold Challenges Unique to ORIX

Our automobile-related businesses began with leasing. As we built up expertise in automobile leasing, we launched a rental car business, which is a neighboring field of automobile leasing, in 1985, to fulfill the needs of customers who wanted to use automobiles only when needed. Currently, we are also developing a car sharing business that enables customers to use vehicles for even shorter periods of time than rental cars.

Any company can simply provide a rental car. What is it that we are uniquely qualified to do? We are able to think outside of the box and create and propose innovative services that fit customer needs. As an expert in all manner of services related to the use of automobiles, we will continue to scale new heights as we realize our ambitions.

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