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Recording an Original Song
GOOD TIME LIVING -ORIX’s Vision for Ideal Nursing Care-

A Place to Spend One’s Golden Years

ORIX manages GOOD TIME LIVING series of private nursing homes.
At GOOD TIME LIVING, we refer to residents as “guests,” and call our facilities “guest houses,” while providing nursing care service with an aim to have our guests to spend a “good time”–the golden years of their lives.
We believe that nursing care should be about providing guests with dignity in their lives.
We have undertaken a host of initiatives in our efforts to achieve this ideal.

Making an Original Song

Twenty-one guests gathered in the foyer of GOOD TIME LIVING Kameido.
Together with 10 staff members, they piled into a bus and a wheelchair-lift car, loaded with a portable toilet and some emergency equipment.
The group was headed to a professional recording studio on the premises of a television station.
It was a day to be remembered. Today, after a year of practicing their original song, “GOOD TIME LIVING Kameido,” they were finally going to record it.
It all began with a comment made by one of the guests when local daycare center children performed their daycare center song at the guest house.
“I wish we had an original song like that, too.”

The guests wanted to sing an original song, and the staff wanted them to feel the sense of fulfillment that comes from devoting themselves to a task. And so, the original song project was launched.
Since we were going to go to the effort of creating the song, we decided to make it even more interesting by involving a professional recording engineer and arranger at a real recording studio.

What Would you Like to Wear Today?

At the guest houses we provide a full range of services from living assistance with bathing, meals, and outings, to medical services in conjunction with cooperating clinics and hospitals*. Over and above this, we value our guests’ individual personalities and strive to provide them with a lifestyle offering both peace of mind and activity so that they can enjoy good times in their lives, right to the end.
Each day begins with the staff asking the guests “What would you like to wear today?”
Clothing is a form of self-expression, so we have the guests choose how they wish to dress.
Also, we operate a variety of daily club activities to ensure that guests can spend their everyday life actively and with a sense of fulfillment. Our original song recording is just one example.
After guests move into the guest house, visiting families are often surprised to see them looking vivacious and enjoying their daily lives.

Putting Dignity First in Nursing Care

The nursing care business was a challenge for us.
We became involved in it through our community development projects.
As we used our finance expertise to deepen our knowledge of real estate and become involved in town creation, we made a thorough investigation into the concept of “towns where everyone can live more comfortably, longer, and with peace of mind.” In doing so, we found that residential facilities alone were not enough; medical and nursing care facilities were also required.
We believe this is the reason why we have been able to create a new form of nursing care that places significant emphasis on the dignity of the guests.
In finance or in nursing care, we will continue to create new value and deliver it to the world.

* In the case of residential-type for-charge nursing homes, this service is available to people who choose a nursing care provider affiliated with ORIX Living Corporation. Home-based nursing care services using health insurance are also available.

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