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Everything Starts with Finance
ORIX Evolves by Creating Businesses
Looking Back at the Birth of ORIX on its 50th Anniversary PART 3
"Taking Up the Next New Challenge. And the Next, And Beyond"
-ORIX’s DNA, The Management Philosophy of the Late Honorary Chairman Tsuneo Inui Ⅱ-

From Leasing to Neighboring Fields and Beyond

Japan’s high 10% annual growth ended with the first oil crisis of 1973. Foreseeing increasingly harsh competition in the leasing industry, ORIX began to diversify into neighboring fields, using leasing as a starting point.

Examples include, Orient Leasing Interior Co., Ltd. (later merged with ORIX), which handled leases for office furniture and equipment, Orient Auto Leasing Co., Ltd. (currently ORIX Auto Corporation), which provided automobile leasing with maintenance services, Orient Instrument Rentals Co., Ltd. (currently ORIX Rentec Corporation), which handled measurement equipment rentals, and Perseus Shipping Co., Ltd (currently ORIX Maritime Corporation), which offered shipping leases.

Leveraging the know-how accumulated through the leasing business, ORIX responded flexibly to changes in the currents of world affairs.
On the surface, some of the businesses seem to bear no relation to one another, but because ORIX expanded its business by moving progressively into neighboring fields from leasing, all of its businesses share the common origin of leasing (finance).

Business without Borders

Mr. Inui also set his sights overseas. His first step was into Southeast Asia.

He believed that business was borderless, and that creating sales offices in Japan and creating them overseas were essentially the same thing.
With Japanese companies advancing steadily into Southeast Asia, this was a particularly receptive environment for leasing.
In 1971, ORIX began expanding its overseas network, starting in Hong Kong and adding companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and so on, at the rate of about one company per year. In this way ORIX established the first leasing companies in each of these countries. Today, ORIX operates its businesses in over 30 countries around the world.

ORIX’s DNA that Developed the Company into a Unique Corporate Group

The concept of "taking up new challenges," such as diversifying business and expanding into overseas countries, was embedded deeply in the culture of ORIX after that, and came to be referred to as the Company’s "DNA."

From a company that started with a mission to spread the unknown concept of leasing in Japan, ORIX has expanded its business in these ways and has developed into a unique corporate group.

ORIX continues to change with the times and expand its business domains.
The Company is supported by its unchanging DNA.

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