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Everything Starts with Finance
ORIX Evolves by Creating Businesses
Looking Back at the Birth of ORIX on its 50th Anniversary PART 2
"Standing on Our Own Two Feet"
-ORIX’s DNA, The Management Philosophy of the Late Honorary Chairman Tsuneo Inui Ⅰ-

Limitations Felt at the Time of Founding

"Do you intend to stay in this company? Come and make a new company with me."

Mr. Inui spoke these words to each employee when he took up a new position as president of ORIX (then Orient Leasing Co., Ltd.), after transferring from his previous post as Director and Manager of the New York Branch of (then) Sanwa Bank.

Mr. Inui was always thinking about how to make employees work with energy and guts in order to make the company grow. But as he started out with a mixed team of members on loan from the shareholder companies, he was aware of limitations to how far the team could be integrated as a single unit.

Determined to Make an Excellent Company

"A company should be able to stand on its own two feet."
Mr. Inui held firmly to this maxim, cutting off his own path back by leaving his key position at the bank to transfer to ORIX. With his actions he showed his commitment to making ORIX an excellent company. There was no question of relying on the shareholder companies to provide growth.

The year after ORIX was founded, it began hiring new graduates, and in the sixth year the Company shed itself of the employees on loan from its shareholder companies.

Independence in Every Respect

Independence did not stop at personnel.
In sales, the Company pioneered an independent sales network for promoting office equipment leases and other products, which did not go through the shareholder companies.
In funding, we developed a wide range of funding sources including city and regional banks other than our shareholders, insurance companies, mutual aid societies (agricultural funds) and even impact loans from foreign banks. In this way we achieved stable procurement of funds.

Finally, Listing on the Stock Exchange

The final step in our road to independence was listing on the stock exchange.

Mr. Inui believed that "A company should exist not for a certain individual or group, but for society. Companies should be public entities."

Mr. Miyauchi (now ORIX Group Senior Chairman) was given just under one year by Mr. Inui to prepare for the Company’s listing.
In its seventh year, ORIX’s shares were listed on the second section of the Osaka Securities Exchange (at the time).

Achieving independence in each of these aspects involved a fair amount of hard work, but without that heroic effort at the time, ORIX may have proceeded down a different path as the lease division of a parent company under the umbrella of a trading company or a bank.
In this way, the foundations of ORIX were laid by the willpower of Mr. Inui.

Listing announcement from the time of the IPO

The listing price at the time of the IPO

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