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ANABUKI CONSTRUCTION and Nissan Motor Collaborate to Decarbonize and Strengthen Local Resilience Using Electric Vehicles

Feb 08, 2024

TOKYO, Japan – February 8, 2024 – ANABUKI CONSTRUCTION INCORPORATED (“ANABUKI CONSTRUCTION”) announced that ANABUKI CONSTRUCTION, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (“Nissan Motor”), and Nissan Prince Kagawa Hanbai Co., Ltd. (“Nissan Prince Kagawa Hanbai”), signed an Agreement for Collaboration on Decarbonization and Resilience Utilizing Electric Vehicles.

[Outline of the Agreement and Main Contents of Collaboration]

Contribution to the SDGs by ANABUKI CONSTRUCTION and Blue Switch

(1) Matters related to promotion and utilization of EVs

  • ANABUKI CONSTRUCTION will install charging infrastructure in condominiums it develops in order to promote the spread of electronic vehicles (“EVs”), and Nissan Motor will provide necessary information.
  • Nissan Motor and Nissan Prince Kagawa Hanbai will cooperate as necessary when ANABUKI CONSTRUCTION organizes exhibitions of EVs in Kagawa Prefecture for the purpose of raising environmental awareness, promoting the spread of EVs, and conducting public relations activities for disaster prevention.

(2) Matters related to the use of EVs in times of disaster

  • In the event of a power outage due to a disaster in the vicinity of ANABUKI CONSTRUCTION’s condominium gallery, Surpass Plaza in Takamatsu City, two EVs, one leased by Nissan Prince Kagawa Hanbai and the other by ANABUKI CONSTRUCTION’s company EV, will be used to provide local residents with charging spots. At the power supply spot, people can charge their smartphones, use microwave ovens, electric kettles, etc., with the goal of creating a local disaster response hub.

Concept of charging and supplying power

[Background of the Agreement]

Aiming to realize comfortable and healthy living and decarbonization through its housing-related business, ANABUKI CONSTRUCTION is developing condominiums with specifications that, in principle, meet the ZEH-M Oriented standard or higher. In addition, the Company is actively carrying out environmentally friendly and sustainable initiatives such as switching 100% of the electricity used at its condominium galleries*1 and construction sites to be derived from renewable energy sources from 2022*2.

Nissan Motor is electrifying Japan with its Blue Switch project, which aims to achieve changes in society by addressing community issues such as decarbonization, disaster countermeasures, energy management, tourism, and local transportation issues, utilizing its accumulated know-how and networks related to EVs. Through the achievement of the SDGs and the realization of a zero-emission society through the widespread use of EVs, Nissan Motor is working with local governments and companies across Japan to contribute to the development of local communities by creating communities where people, automobiles, and nature coexist in harmony and where residents can feel excited.

The two companies support each other’s efforts—Nissan Motor’s Blue Switch and ANABUKI CONSTRUCTION’s environmentally friendly approach to housing—and have concluded this agreement.

By promoting decarbonization through the active use of EVs, ANABUKI CONSTRUCTION and Nissan Motor will carry out initiatives based on this agreement, such as environmental and disaster countermeasures, thereby preserving the beautiful natural environment and creating a clean, livable, and sustainable community.

*1 Excludes those in which ANABUKI CONSTRUCTION is not the electricity supply/demand contractor, such as condominium galleries located within buildings and those in joint ventures (JV projects).
*2 Excludes those for which it is difficult to switch electricity supply/demand contracts, such as those with a remaining period of less than six months.

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