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ORIX Real Estate Begins Construction on Takatsuki Logistics Center, Located Between Osaka and Kyoto, Enabling Efficient, Wide-Area Distribution

Feb 05, 2024

TOKYO, Japan – February 5, 2024 – ORIX Real Estate Corporation (“ORIX Real Estate”) announced that it began the development of the Takatsuki Logistics Center, a multi-tenant logistics facility, in Takatsuki, Osaka.

Exterior image of Takatsuki Logistics Center

Takatsuki Logistics Center is located approximately 6.5 km from the Takatsuki Interchange on the Shin-Meishin Expressway and 7.0 km from the Ibaraki Interchange on the Meishin Expressway, providing direct access to the two major transportation arteries, the Meishin and Shin-Meishin Expressways, which connect the east and west sides of Japan. With the complete opening of the Shin-Meishin Expressway scheduled for FY2027, the transportation convenience of the area is expected to improve further, not only in the Kansai area, but also as a connecting point between eastern and western Japan. The facility is also convenient for commuting, being approximately 2.1 km from Takatsuki-shi Station, a limited express stop on the Hankyu Kyoto Line, making it a highly advantageous area in terms of securing manpower for tenant companies.
The building is a four-story steel-framed structure with a total floor area of 63,261.53 m2, and can hold up to six tenants from a minimum lot size of approximately 8,300 m2. It has a slope from the first to the third floor and is equipped with berths*1 that can accommodate up to 41 heavy-duty trucks (10-ton trucks) on the first floor and 42 on the third floor at the same time. The building is also designed with disaster prevention in mind, including a seismic isolation structure and an emergency power generator for business continuity planning (BCP). The fourth floor has a cafeteria that can be used by employees of tenant companies for having lunch, taking a break, or desk work, and a driver’s lounge with shower booths is located in a separate building on the premises, contributing to an improved work environment for the people working at the facility and the drivers.

In addition to the solar power generation system installed on the rooftop, ORIX Corporation will supply electricity with Non-fossil Certificates (with tracking certification) to tenants in the event of insufficient power generation due to weather conditions or during the night, allowing tenants to use electricity from 100% renewable energy sources.
ORIX Group has invested in and developed 49 logistics facilities, mainly in the Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka areas. It will continue to develop evolving supply chain strategies and environmentally considerate logistics facilities.

*1 A berth is a space used to connect trucks to the facility to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods.

■Cafeteria and Driver’s Lounge for Employees’ Comfortable Stay

Cafeteria (image)

The fourth floor of the facility will feature a cafeteria with 107 seats that can be used for lunch and breaks. In addition to providing counter and sofa seating for lunch and breaks, the cafeteria will also offer a comfortable work environment for employees of tenant companies, offering desks with power outlets and a Wi-Fi environment so that they can also use the cafeteria for desk work.
In addition, a driver’s lounge with shower booths is located in a separate building on the premises, designed with consideration for delivery personnel.

■A Logistics Facility with Environmental Considerations, Including an Electricity Supply from 100% Renewable Energy Sources
ORIX Real Estate is working to develop logistics facilities with environmental considerations. A solar power generation system has been installed on the roof under a power purchase agreement (PPA) model*2, and the power generated is consumed within the facility. In the event of power shortages at night or due to weather conditions, ORIX Corporation will supply electricity with Non-Fossil Certificates (with tracking certification), allowing tenant companies to use electricity derived from renewable energy sources for 100% of their electricity consumption. In addition, ORIX Real Estate is actively pursuing environmental considerations by installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the parking lot on the site.
*2 PPA is a business model in which a third party borrows the premises or roof of an electricity consumer, installs a solar power generation system there, and supplies the electricity generated by the system to the consumer.

■Overview of Takatsuki Logistics Center
Name Takatsuki Logistics Center
Address 2-7 Shimotanabe-cho, Takatsuki, Osaka
Access Approx. 6.5 km to Takatsuki Interchange on Shin-Meishin Expressway
Approx. 7.0 km to Ibaraki Interchange on Meishin Expressway
Approx. 2.1 km to Takatsuki-Shi Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line
Approx. 150 m to the Hatachi bus stop of the Takatsuki City Bus (approx. 2 min, walk)
Site area 29,347.26 m2
Total floor space 63,261.53 m2
Scale and structure Four-story, steel-framed, seismically isolated structure
Parking spaces 132 passenger vehicles, standby space for 19 large trucks, and 188 bicycles/motorcycles
Other 83 truck berths/10-ton vehicles
Floor load 1.5 t/m2, effective height under lower beam of 5.5 m or more,
Equipped with building-wide LEDs and emergency generators;
Solar power generation system installed;
3 electric vehicle charging stand installed
Design and construction MAEDA CORPORATION
Start of construction January 4, 2024
Date of completion June 2025 (planned)

Location Map

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