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SHOGUN BURGER Hamburger Restaurant and Notomeguri Sushi Restaurant to Open in CROSS GATE KANAZAWA on April 1

Feb 15, 2021

TOKYO, Japan - February 15, 2021 - ORIX Corporation (“ORIX”) announced today that two new restaurants will open in the commercial area of CROSS GATE KANAZAWA, a mixed-use facility operated by ORIX, on April 1, 2021. Both the SHOGUN BURGER hamburger restaurant and Notomeguri sushi restaurant will be opening branches in Ishikawa Prefecture for the first time.

SHOGUN BURGER hamburger restaurant
Notomeguri sushi restaurant

SHOGUN BURGER is a hamburger restaurant that serves amply-sized 100% Japanese wagyu beef burgers operated by Daishogun, a yakiniku restaurant from Toyama Prefecture known for purchasing wagyu beef by the cow. Notomeguri is a sushi chain that operates several restaurants within Toyama Prefecture; it offers fresh seafood landed in Noto Peninsula at reasonable prices, and this marks its first foray into Ishikawa Prefecture.
CROSS GATE KANAZAWA opened its doors on August 1, 2020. Its commercial area is based on the concept of “premium foods and restaurants,” and is home to a wide range of food stores and restaurants, ranging from those that have long been cherished by Kanazawa residents to those that are new to the city.
The first floor houses a total of 14 stores, including a food market for everyday use, unique cafes, and specialty confectioners; the second floor features a total of 19 restaurants —including SHOGUN BURGER and Notomeguri—where visitors can enjoy unique local ingredients in a variety of different culinary styles.
CROSS GATE KANAZAWA has been designed to generate excitement and provide a space where locals and visitors can interact, and where people, experiences, and goods come together. The facility will continue to be a place where you can experience the latest in Kanazawa.

1. Overview of new restaurants

■ SHOGUN BURGER hamburger restaurant

SHOGUN BURGER is operated by Daishogun, a long-established yakiniku restaurant from Toyama Prefecture, and serves burgers made with 100% wagyu beef patties. Specially developed for SHOGUN BURGER, the bread buns use only flour grown in Japan; original burger sauces perfectly match the extremely coarse-ground hugely satisfying wagyu beef patties.

■ Notomeguri sushi restaurant

The coast of Noto Peninsula that faces Toyama Bay is known as “Uchiura,” while the coast that faces the Sea of Japan is known as “Sotoura.” The peninsula has many high-quality fishing grounds, such as Nanao, Noto, Wajima, and Himi. Notomeguri is a casual sushi restaurant, where seasonal fresh fish landed in Noto Peninsula’s fishing grounds is prepared by skilled sushi chefs and served at reasonable prices. The restaurant also serves a wide variety of Japanese sake—primarily sake produced in Ishikawa Prefecture—enabling diners to experience the delightful combination of Noto seafood and Ishikawa sake.

2. Overview of the CROSS GATE KANAZAWA commercial area

The CROSS GATE KANAZAWA commercial area is located on the first and second floors of the facility, and features a retail space covering approximately 3,124 square meters. The area is based on the concept of “premium foods and restaurants” and, including SHOGUN BURGER and Notomeguri, is home to a total of 33 food stores and restaurants; these include establishments that make use of local ingredients, as well as those that are making their first forays into Kanazawa.

A total of 14 food stores and cafes are situated on the first floor, among which are a food market for everyday use, unique cafes, and specialty confection stores. The second floor features 19 restaurants and other establishments, where visitors can enjoy unique local ingredients served in a variety of culinary styles, such as food sourced from Hokuriku seas and mountains, Noto Beef, and local sake. There is also a food hall where visitors can dine on foods produced by famous restaurants from Kanazawa and Tokyo.

Public spaces incorporate designs inspired by the traditional Kanazawa craft, “Kumiko zaiku,” and enable visitors to experience the city’s historic culture.

Address of commercial area 1-5-3 Hirooka, Kanazawa-shi
Retail space Approx. 3,124.06 m2
First floor: 1,115.44 m2; second floor: 2,008.62 m2
Number of tenants A total of 33 stores: 14 on the first floor, 19 on the second floor
Four stores new to the Hokuriku region
Seven stores new to Ishikawa Prefecture
Two stores new to Kanazawa
10 stores in new business categories (stores that differ in style from existing stores operated by the tenants)
Operating company ORIX Corporation
Management company JLL Mall Management Co., Ltd.
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CROSS GATE KANAZAWA is a mixed-use facility on a plot of land by the West Exit of JR Kanazawa Station; the land was acquired and developed by ORIX under the open tender for Kanazawa City’s international brand hotel project in April 2016.

The facility comprises two hotels—Hyatt Centric Kanazawa and Hyatt House Kanazawa—the condominium The Residence Kanazawa, and commercial facilities, and fully opened on August 1, 2020.

Centered on two hotels belonging to the internationally renowned Hyatt Hotels Corporation brand, the first of their kind in the Hokuriku region, the facility provides a space where visitors from Japan and overseas can interact. The commercial area is home to a total of 33 stores, ranging from those making their first forays into the Hokuriku region to those experimenting with new business categories. Mirai-no-oka, a rooftop garden where anybody can relax, is situated on the third floor of the facility.


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Established in 1964, from its start in the leasing business, ORIX has advanced into neighboring fields and at present has expanded into lending, investment, life insurance, banking, asset management, automobile related, real estate and environment and energy related businesses. Since entering Hong Kong in 1971, ORIX has spread its businesses globally by establishing locations in 34 countries and regions across the world.
Going forward, ORIX intends to utilize its strengths and expertise, which generate new value, to establish an independent ORIX business model that continues to evolve perpetually. In this way, ORIX will engage in business activities that instill vitality in its companies and workforce, and thereby contribute to society. For more details, please visit our website:
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