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Tenants Confirmed for the Commercial Area at CROSS GATE KANAZAWA, a Mixed-use Development Project at Kanazawa Station West Exit

Feb 14, 2020

TOKYO, Japan – February 14, 2020 – ORIX Corporation (“ORIX”) announced that all 34 tenants for the commercial area of CROSS GATE KANAZAWA, a mixed-use facility under development at the West exit of Kanazawa Station, have been confirmed.

The First Floor of the Commercial Area (conceptual image)

The commercial area is located on the first and second floors of the facility, and features a retail space covering approximately 3,124 square meters. The area is based on the concept of “premium foods and restaurants,” and will be home to a total of 34 stores, including local stores, as well as stores and businesses that are new to Kanazawa. 14 stores will be located on the first floor, among which are a food market convenient for everyday use, unique cafes, and specialty confection stores. 20 diverse stores offering food sourced from Hokuriku region seas and mountains, Noto Beef, locally produced sake, and other foods unique to the region will be situated on the second floor, including a food hall where visitors can enjoy foods produced by famous restaurants from Kanazawa and Tokyo. The facility is intended to appeal both to local residents and to tourists.

CROSS GATE KANAZAWA is intended to be a facility that generates excitement and new values—a space where locals and visitors interact, and where people, experiences, and goods intersect. The commercial facility is scheduled to open in the summer of 2020, and will communicate new information about Kanazawa.

1.Overview of the CROSS GATE KANAZAWA commercial area
Based on the concept of “premium foods and restaurants,” the first floor will primarily house food stores and cafes, while the second floor will focus on restaurants. Public spaces will incorporate designs inspired by the traditional Kanazawa craft, “Kumiko zaiku,” and enable visitors to experience the city’s long-standing culture.

2.Overview of stores
(1)First floor
■ M’za Deli Market CROSS GATE Premium (food market) New business category

Deli Market is a new category of food market operated by Meitetsu M’za Department Store. Through expertise it has cultivated through its department store businesses, and through collaborations with local partners, the store provides ideas for an abundant dietary lifestyle based on the theme of “high-quality and everyday.” Deli Market is adjacent to the International Hotels, and located in front of the station, where diverse people come and go; it will cater to the needs of its customers with unique department store product line-ups and services.

■ Starbucks Coffee (specialty coffee store)
Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of drinks based on our espressos made from high-quality arabica coffee beans, together with pastries and sandwiches.

■ Cafe MURAKAMI (cafe)
Japanese confections carefully made by hand, rice-flour pancakes, and other original confections full of the unique charms of Kanazawa.

■ Specialty Bread Store and Cafe (temporary name) (bakery and cafe) New business category
The store receives daily deliveries of freshly baked bread from the prefecture’s popular bakeries. With a cafe next-door, this is a novel-yet-familiar combination of bakery and cafe.

■ HANA surprise (wine and cheese store) First store in Ishikawa
Here, qualified sommeliers suggest wines for daily imbibing and for special occasions. A rich assortment of wines, cheeses, and raw hams are also available for tasting.

■ stoock (preserved foods store)
stoock somewhat unusually specializes in preserved foods. Through preserved foods painstakingly created by local producers and chefs, the store proposes new ideas for dietary lifestyles and cultures.

■ WAFLA, W・CAFE (temporary name) (waffle store and cafe) First store in Kanazawa
Hailing from Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, WAFLA serves drinks and charming waffles made with brioche dough and high-quality ingredients.

■ Hiroshige TEA Magic (Baumkuchen store and cafe) First store in Ishikawa
A Baumkuchen store from Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture. Hiroshige TEA Magic offers a diverse range of teas made using carefully selected tea leaves alongside richly flavored Baumkuchen.

■ THE GIFT (food gifts)
Established 45 years ago, THE GIFT sells a wide variety of carefully selected foods from the Hokuriku region and elsewhere. Malga Gelato from the Noto region and other foods that can be eaten on the spot are also served.

■ DORUMIRU (parfait store)
Placing the greatest importance on the three qualities of “cute,” “tasty,” and “beautiful,” this parfait store provides desserts containing seasonal fruits which look and taste delicious.

■ Manhattan Roll Ice Cream (ice cream store) First store in Hokuriku
Popular in the Harajuku district of Tokyo, this store specializes in rolled-up sheets of ice cream with outstanding visuals and flavors.

■ KuronecoJack (gâteau au chocolat store)
KuronecoJack is a gâteau au chocolat store that opened in the Kuratsuki area of Kanazawa City in May 2019. It is distinctive for the charming designs of its confections.

■ Café PRESTAT (chocolate store and cafe)
Established in 1902, the Café PRESTAT chocolate brand are Purveyors of chocolates to the Royal Household. The store contains a café as well.

■ comcrepe (crepe store) First store in Ishikawa
Based on the concept that “crepes are ordinary, but comcrepes are extraordinary,” comcrepe was established in Toyama Prefecture in 2004. Its store in Harajuku, Tokyo, is notable for its long queues of customers.

(2) Second Floor
■ OS-FOOD HALL (temporary name) (food hall) New business category

The food hall is run by OPENSAUCE, a Kanazawa-based company committed to thinking about the future of food. Here, visitors can easily enjoy Michelin-starred cuisine from famous Kanazawa and Tokyo establishments, as well as dishes created by chefs trained at leading restaurants worldwide. The food hall also serves a rich line-up of drinks, including the first-ever gin to be created in the Hokuriku region, which will launch in Kanazawa in 2020.

■ Jukusei Wagyu Yakiniku Aging Beef (yakiniku) First store in Hokuriku
At Aging Beef, diners can enjoy a casual yakiniku (grilled meat) of Japanese Black beef that, having been matured for around 30 days, is both soft and rich in umami.
* “Aging Beef” is a registered trademark of Shinwa Inc.

■ Unagi Yondaime Kikukawa (eel dishes) First store in Hokuriku
Unagi Yondaime Kikukawa is managed by an eel wholesaler established 90 years ago in Nagoya City. Freshly prepared eel is grilled over high-grade bincho-tan charcoal—crunchy and aromatic on the outside, with a soft, juicy texture, and syrupy fat, the restaurant’s dishes are full of umami.

■ STANLEY DINING (cheese cuisine) First in Kanazawa
Run by STANLEY CAFE in Oyabe City, Toyama Prefecture, STANLEY DINING specializes in cheese cuisine. Sourcing unique cheeses from Japan and overseas, the restaurant offers dishes that bring out the innate flavors of the ingredients used.

■ Din’s by JIN DIN ROU (xiaolongbao) First in Kanazawa
JIN DIN ROU is a xiaolongbao (Chinese steamed bun) restaurant from Taiwan. It serves popular dim sum (Chinese dumplings) and genuine Chinese cuisine at reasonable prices.

■ Matto Fukizushi (sushi) First store in Kanazawa
Matto Fukizushi uses the freshest seafood, and locally produced rice, laver, and soy sauce. Menu highlights include kaiseki ryori (traditional Japanese course meal) that maximize the delicious flavors of sushi. Diners are promised a high-quality experience.

■ DINETTE (pasta restaurant) New business category
Focused on the delicious flavors of the Hokuriku region, this pasta restaurant packs each of its dishes full of a variety of delicious flavors. Diners can enjoy top-quality pasta, each plate of which is akin to a main dish.

■ Nodoguro Ryori Asai (rosy seabass dishes) New business category
Nodoguro (Rosy seabass) is regarded as the pinnacle of white-fleshed fish. Nodoguro Ryori Asai specializes in dishes containing high-quality rosy seabass carefully procured from unique channels. Diners can enjoy a variety of rosy seabass dishes that fully bring out the innate flavors of the ingredients.

■ Luxury India Rubina (Indian cuisine) New business category
This long-established restaurant from Ishikawa serves genuine Indian cuisine. Based on the concept of “cultural interactions should begin with food,” Luxury India Rubina serves “fusion Indian” dishes that combine the traditional with the latest trends.

■ DAIJUTEI (Western cuisine) First store in Ishikawa
Based on the concept of “Western cuisine x bistro,” this long-established restaurant from Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, offers Western dishes that combine the traditional with the modern. Daijutei’s famed “Rare fillet cutlet sandwich” can also be ordered to go.

■ Wagyu Kappo Daisuke (Japanese wagyu cuisine) New business category
Wagyu Kappo Daisuke prepares traditional Japanese style dishes loaded with local ingredients. Noto wagyu beef and carefully selected A4–A5 rank wagyu beef from other regions can be enjoyed as part of preset course meals or à la carte.

■ Tototo (robatayaki)
Tototo is a live-cooking robata (Japanese-style barbeque) bar that serves choice vegetables and seafood that have been picked and landed the same day. Produce from the mountains and seas of Hokuriku is matched with sake made using traditional methods, providing diners with a delicious experience.

■ Hokuriku Asadore Kanazawa Sushi (sushi) First store in Ishikawa
Fresh fish landed in Hokuriku’s leading fishing ports, such as Sotoura and Nanao in Noto and Himi in Toyama, is hand-selected by exclusive professional buyers. This fish is then caringly shaped into sushi and offered at reasonable prices.

■ vin amour (temporary name) (wine bar) New business category
The concept of vin amour is “to provide high-quality, sophisticated wine that enables new wine discoveries to be made in the center of Kanazawa.” Visitors can enjoy even a single glass of wine that has been carefully selected by the bar’s sommeliers.

■ Bistro Oriental (brewery restaurant) New business category
This restaurant is operated by Oriental Brewing Ltd., a craft beer brewery in Kanazawa City. The menu features Western cuisine centering on seasonal seafood that goes well with beer.

■ SHOGUN BURGER (hamburgers) First store in Ishikawa
SHOGUN BURGER is operated by Daishogun, a yakiniku restaurant in Toyama Prefecture known for buying whole wagyu cows. Based on the three-pronged concept of “patties made from 100% coarsely minced wagyu beef,” “freshly baked buns,” and “original sauces,” the burgers it serves are addictively tasty.

■ Nouka-Banzai Ichi (regional sake bar) New business category
This sake bar is run by Nouka-Banzai, an Ishikawa-based brand themed on the culinary culture and traditional crafts of Kaga and Noto regions. Nouka-Banzai Ichi serves Kaga specialties such as Kanazawa oden hot pot, seasonal seafood, and jibuni (stew), and offers sake produced by all 35 sake breweries in Ishikawa Prefecture.

■ Amatsubo (Kanazawa oden)
Established 55 years ago, Amatsubo is one of Kanazawa’s most famous oden bars. In addition to Kanazawa oden, it also offers Kaga cuisine containing plentiful produce from the Kaga and Noto regions, as well as dishes containing fresh seafood and Kaga vegetables.

■ Kikuya (tempura bar) First store in Hokuriku region
A tempura bar originating in Tokyo’s Ebisu district, Kikuya has a sophisticated atmosphere that is welcoming even to groups of females. It offers tempura and carefully selected wines and sakes in a casual style.

■ Yakitori Matsuba to Momiji (yakitori)
The yakitori (grilled chicken) restaurant favored by connoisseurs will be relocated. It uses different parts of branded chicken for different dishes, all carefully grilled over high-grade Japanese bincho-tan charcoal. The dishes are served with mellow chikutansalt (salt and bamboo that has been roasted together) produced in Suzu City, Ishikawa Prefecture.

3.Overview of the Kanazawa Station West Exit mixed-use development project

This is a project to develop a mixed-use complex on a plot of land with an area of 7,423.74 m2 located to the west of JR Kanazawa Station, which was acquired under the open tender for Kanazawa City’s international brand hotel project in April 2016.
Named “CROSS GATE KANZAWA,” the mixed-use complex includes Hyatt Centric Kanazawa, Hyatt House Kanazawa, the condominium The Residence Kanazawa, and commercial facilities. It is named in hope that it will contribute to the region’s development as the gateway to Kanazawa City—which aims to be the Hub of International Exchange, which create new values from the interaction of people, goods, and information gathered from Japan and overseas.

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