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Robot Rental Service “RoboRen” Begins Offering Rental of Human collaboration Robot “Sawyer”

Sep 05, 2018

TOKYO, Japan - September 5, 2018- ORIX Rentec Corporation (“ORIX Rentec”) announced that it has launched a service allowing corporate clients to rent “Sawyer,” a collaborative robot developed by US-based Rethink Robotics Inc., in cooperation with Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. This will be handled through RoboRen, ORIX Rentec’s next-generation robot rental service.

Collaborative robot “Sawyer” made by Rethink Robotics

Sawyer” is a collaborative single-arm robot that can work alongside humans without needing to be enclosed by a safety fence. This robot is especially skilled at picking up and supplying parts and assembly, and is equipped with a highly responsive sensor that ensures it stops immediately for use when interacting with humans. Sawyer can learn tasks just by moving the arm, which means that no programming language or other specialized knowledge is necessary and even beginners can easily operate the robot.

A camera is installed in the robot’s wrist, so Sawyer can identify the target and move to the right location, or pick up only the target items with the recorded shape. In addition, the pupil of the robot’s “eye,” shown on a small display equivalent to a person’s face, is designed to always follow the robot’s hand movements, so that people standing near the robot can intuitively guess Sawyer’s next action. This robot is a good option for small and medium-sized companies in the manufacturing industry, such as auto manufacturers.

The need for automation provided by robots is growing as a means of addressing labor shortages and raising productivity, and demand for rentals is also increasing as it provides an opportunity to try out the robot. 
The rental service includes basic operational training and telephone support services during the rental period to ensure a smooth introduction of the robot for customers. A six-month trial rental package for Sawyer and the Large Gripper Kit is offered at 301,000 yen (tax not included) per month. With the launch of this service, RoboRen’s robot lineup includes 30 types of robots from 18 manufacturers.

Both companies plan to promote the use of robots going forward and bringing automation to various industries, thus helping to solve issues such as Japan’s labor shortage and the need for higher productivity while contributing to the development of Japanese industry.

■ Overview of Sawyer

Product name: Sawyer
Size: About 62 cm in height, 14 cm in width, and 16 cm in depth
Weight: 19 kg
Arm mobility: 7
Maximum reach: 1,260 mm
Weight capacity: 4 kg (including hand)
Internal camera: wrist and head
Power source: AC adapter 100 V

■ORIX Rentec Overview
ORIX Rentec, Japan’s first company to rent electronic measuring instruments, was established in 1976 and primarily rents high-tech equipment. In 2016, ORIX Rentec began RoboRen, its next-generation robot rental business, renting robots and providing technical support from its dedicated engineers. At “Tokyo Robot Lab.” and “Tokyo Robot Lab.2” (Machida, Tokyo), permanent robot showrooms, ORIX Rentec gives customers the opportunity to experience how these actual robots function and their operability.

■Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group Overview
Sumitomo Heavy Industries is a general equipment manufacturer that covers general industrial equipment to cutting-edge precision equipment, as well as construction equipment, ships, and environmental and plant equipment. In 2015, Sumitomo Heavy Industries signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the collaborative robot “Sawyer,” developed by Rethink Robotics, which was established by Rodney Brooks, a former director of MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and the founder of iRobot Corporation.
Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group website: Link in New Window

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