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Commencement of Online Lending Service for Small Businesses That Leverages Accounting Big Data and AI Technology

Dec 07, 2017

TOKYO, Japan - December 7, 2017- ORIX Corporation ("ORIX") and Yayoi Co., Ltd. ("Yayoi") announced today that the ALTOA Online Lending Service, which leverages accounting big data and AI technology, will commence its operation through the jointly established entity, ALTOA, Inc. ("ALTOA").

The ALTOA Online Lending Service is an online lending service that provides small amount, short-term loans for small businesses through a new credit model that leverages the credit know-how of ORIX, the accounting big data of Yayoi, and the AI technology of d.a.t. Inc., who is a partner in this venture. Rather than relying on static data from a given point in time, such as account settlement information, ALTOA's credit model is capable of in-depth, real-time data analysis on dynamic data such as accounting journals. ALTOA also plans to gradually expand the scope of data to be analyzed so that they will include various business transaction data, such as invoices.

The ALTOA Online Lending Service achieves a level of convenience that was not possible with conventional business loans. Loan applications can be completed online in three simple steps (account registration, loan application, and finalizing contract). Customers can be funded as soon as the next day. The service has eliminated troublesome administrative tasks; ALTOA does not require submission of financial statements and business plans, or signed contracts, which are usually necessary when borrowing money. The service also eliminates the business owners' burden; ALTOA does not require business owners' personal guarantees or collateral.

By improving the marketing and risk management expertise through the ALTOA Online Lending Service, ALTOA will deepen partnerships with leading local financial institutions, namely The Chiba Bank, Ltd., The Bank of Fukuoka, Ltd., Yamaguchi Financial Group, and The Bank of Yokohama, Ltd., with whom ALTOA formed business partnership agreements in April. In the future, ALTOA expects the partnerships to evolve into LaaS (Lending as a Service) agreements.

Through ALTOA, ORIX and Yayoi will leverage the ORIX Group's wide-ranging capabilities, and strive to provide a new value and create a new market. The small business lending market has been very difficult to tap as costs associated with human processing made it impossible in an economic sense. ORIX and Yayoi believe that online lending, along with AI technology that is embedded within the credit model, will finally open up the small business lending market.

<Comments from business partners>
I expect this service to provide a highly convenient financing method for business operators. At the Bank of Fukuoka, going forward, we will strive to provide high-quality services and products to regional customers by leveraging ICT (Information and Communications Technology) through partnerships with a range of businesses.

Keisuke Hirata
General Manager of the Digital Strategy Division
The Bank of Fukuoka, Ltd.

I welcome the birth of this new financing method of alternative lending in Japan. The Bank of Yokohama is promoting new financial services that increase customer convenience and contribute to local communities by incorporating ICT and financial technology with big data, as well as through open innovation with external businesses.

Tadashi Komine
Director and Executive Officer, General Manager of the General Planning Department
The Bank of Yokohama, Ltd.

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