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Construction Commenced for Ichikawa Shiohama Logistics Center

Aug 03, 2015

TOKYO, Japan - August 3, 2015 - ORIX Corporation ("ORIX"), a leading integrated financial services group, today announced that it has commenced construction of the Ichikawa Shiohama Logistics Center (tentative name), a logistics facility of which the development plan is in progress in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture. This logistics facility is scheduled for completion in August 2016, and ORIX is currently seeking tenant companies.

The Ichikawa Shiohama Logistics Center (the "Facility") is conveniently located approximately 1km from the Chidoricho Interchange on the Bayshore Route of Shuto Expressway and close to the major consumption areas. Also, the Facility is within walking distance (9 minutes) of Ichikawa-Shiohama Station on the JR Keiyo Line and easily accessible from residential areas nearby for securing workers. In FY2015, the Kouya Interchange on the Tokyo Gaikan Expressway which runs through inland Chiba Prefecture to Misato City, Saitama Prefecture, will complete, which is expected to further strengthen the traffic convenience.

The Facility will be four-story building (four above-ground floors) which has the total floor size of 27,138.23 m2 on a site of 13,223.23 m2. Planned specifications include four freight elevators connecting to truck berths capable of accommodating total 46 large vehicles on both sides together (23 vehicles per side) on the first floor of the Facility.

For BCP measures, the Facility will be equipped with emergency generators, therefore, freight elevators as well as lights remain in operation for a certain period of time in order not to interrupt logistics functions in case of emergency.

Going forward, ORIX will continue to develop state-of-the-art logistics facilities in meeting the needs of evolving supply chain strategies and the rapid expansion of the e-commerce market.

[Project Outline]
Name Ichikawa Shiohama Logistics Center (tentative name)
Location 2-16-1 Shiohama, Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture
Access Approx. 1 km from Chidori-cho interchange on the Bayshore Route of Shuto Expressway
0.7 km from Ichikawa-Shiohama Station on JR Keiyo Line (9-minute walk)
Design company Asai Ken Architectural Research Inc.
Construction Konoike Construction Co., Ltd.
Site 13,223.23 m2
Total floor space 27,138.23 m2
Scale and Structure Four-story steel construction
Other Floor load 1.5t/m2 Effective height under lower beam 5.5 m
Construction start August 2015
Completion August 2016 (Plan)

[Perspective drawing of completed facility]

Contact Information:
ORIX Corporation
Corporate Planning Department
Tel: +81-3-3435-3121

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