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Launch of Japan’s First One-Way Car Sharing Service
- Service to Begin on September 1 at Eight Sites in Yokohama -

Jul 24, 2014

TOKYO, Japan - July 24, 2014 - ORIX Auto Corporation ("ORIX Auto"), a subsidiary of ORIX Corporation (TSE: 8591, NYSE: IX), Mercedes-Benz Japan Co., Ltd. ("MBJ"), and AMANO Corporation ("AMANO") today announced that the three companies will launch "smart oneway carsharing" (service brand name: "smaco"), a one-way car sharing service, on September 1 in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture.
With its launch on September 1, this service will become Japan's first one-way car sharing service. The service will be based on a notice regarding the implementation of so-called one-way rental car-type car sharing services issued by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism on March 27, 2014. Furthermore, the service was selected as a Yokohama Low Carbon Transportation Promotion project by the city of Yokohama. Going forward, the three companies will work to promote and popularize low carbon transportation through the one-way car sharing service.

The service will employ 20 smart fortwo electric drive vehicles, which are micro-compact cars that fully incorporate the engineering expertise of Mercedes-Benz. ORIX Auto will provide the car sharing service from eight parking lots managed by the AMANO Group throughout Yokohama. The service will be offered for a seven-month period through to March 31, 2015. During this period, various service aspects will be examined, such as how customers are using the service and their requests.

The popularization of one-way car sharing services will further increase the convenience of the "park & ride rail" approach of combining car sharing with public transportation for commuting, sightseeing and other purposes. And by curtailing the non-essential and non-urgent use of cars, these car sharing services are expected to help alleviate traffic congestion and reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, these services will eliminate the need for drivers to pay for parking near their destination and allow them to pay the car sharing service fee only for the time that they are actually using the car.
The ORIX CarShare car-sharing business will augment its conventional round-trip* car-sharing service with this one-way car-sharing service in order to provide users with more car sharing options. The goal is to create more comfortable, innovative automotive lifestyles.
MBJ will enter the car sharing business by providing smart electric vehicles developed to achieve an optimal form of vehicle for urban mobility. In the process, MBJ will explore new forms of mobility and the full potential of electric vehicles.
Through this service, AMANO will investigate the new functions that will be needed for future parking lot systems and related customer requests, including those for car sharing services.
By providing this service, the three companies will endeavor to promote and popularize low carbon transportation.
* A car-sharing method where vehicles are returned to the same location where they are picked up.

Outline of Service
Service name smart oneway carsharing (service brand name: "smaco")
Period From September 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015 (7 months)
Start of car sharing service September 1, 2014 (planned*)
Vehicle pick-up and return sites Eight car stations throughout Yokohama (parking lots)
Center Minami Station, Yokohama Station West Exit, Shin-Yokohama Station, Hiyoshi Station near Keio University, residential area near Azamino Station, Tama Plaza Station, near Minato Mirai Red Brick Warehouses, Motomachi Chinatown
Service area No restrictions on driving area. However, vehicle pick-up and return are available only at the above car stations.
Vehicle used 20 smart fortwo electric drive vehicles (capacity: 2 people)
How to use the service (1) Register as member: Register as an ORIX CarShare member before using the service.
(Registration is accepted 24/7 at the ORIX CarShare website.)
(2) Receive IC card: An IC card will be delivered about one week after registration.
(3) Reserve car: Reserve car from the service's PC or mobile phone site or using its smartphone app.
When making a reservation, users must designate their vehicle pick-up station and return station.
(4) Drive car: At the reserved time, hold the IC card over the car at the designated car station to use the car.
Service fee From ¥200 per 15 minutes / no fee based on mileage
         Extended hour discount fees are not available.

*The service is planned to start following the submission of the notification regarding the operation of one-way car sharing to the Kanto District Transport Bureau. Please see the ORIX CarShare website ( Link in New Window) for more details.

smart fortwo electric drive
The smart fortwo electric drive is a flagship micro compact car developed by harnessing Mercedes-Benz' extensive car-making expertise. It is based on the concept of "offering the maximum convenience, comfort, safety and environmental compatibility in the minimum body size." The model has been highly acclaimed for its originality, design and environmental compatibility.

The smart fortwo electric drive was the first mass-produced electric vehicle to be launched by a European automaker in the Japanese market, in 2012. It offers powerful driving performance with an electric motor featuring a maximum output of 55 kW and maximum torque of 130 Nm, capable of reaching a top speed of 125 km/h. The lithium-ion battery in the vehicle offers extremely high efficiency, with an energy capacity of 17.6 kWh, achieving a driving range of 181 km on a full charge. Charging can be completed from a zero to full charge in about 8 hours*, so it is possible to fully charge the battery overnight after daytime activities.

* Assuming the use of a 200V AC outlet for recharging EVs. The vehicle does not support quick recharging.

Mercedes-Benz Japan 
Mercedes-Benz Japan is a wholly owned Japanese subsidiary of the German automobile manufacturer Daimler AG. It sells Daimler's lineup of passenger cars in Japan. The company was established in 1986 on the 100th anniversary of the invention of the automobile by Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz Japan is delivering products and services under both Mercedes-Benz and smart brands to customers in Japan through a network of 208 authorized dealerships across the country.

ORIX Auto is an automobile leasing company that operates the Japanese automobile industry's largest fleet of vehicles under management, at 1 million vehicles. ORIX Auto is developing a total service business for the use of automobiles ranging from leasing, rental car and car sharing services to used car sales and high value-added vehicle management services.

ORIX CarShare (* All figures are as of March 31, 2014)

Operator ORIX Auto Corporation
Membership 105,479
Number of car stations 2,056
Service areas Ibaraki Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture, Tokyo, Chiba Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture, Gifu Prefecture, Aichi Prefecture, Mie Prefecture, Kyoto Prefecture, Osaka Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture, Okinawa Prefecture
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AMANO Corporation
AMANO Corporation is a machinery manufacturer that conducts integrated operations ranging from the development and manufacture of parking lot control systems, to sales, operation and maintenance. Since the late 1960s, customer needs have continued to diversify in step with advances in the motorization of Japanese society. Over the years, AMANO has continuously supplied a wide array of parking lot solutions tailored to these diversifying customer needs.

Contact Information
ORIX Corporation, Corporate Planning Department
TEL : +81-3-3435-3121

About ORIX
ORIX Corporation (TSE: 8591; NYSE: IX) is a financial services group which provides innovative products and services to its customers by constantly pursuing new businesses. Established in 1964, from its start in the leasing business, ORIX has advanced into neighboring fields and at present has expanded into lending, investment, life insurance, banking, asset management, automobile related, real estate and environment and energy related businesses. Since entering Hong Kong in 1971, ORIX has spread its businesses globally by establishing locations in 35 countries and regions across the world. ORIX celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2014 and moving forward it aims to contribute to society while continuing to capture new business opportunities and sustain growth by promoting acceleration of its corporate strategy "Finance + Services." For more details, please visit our website:

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