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December 14, 2017

Children’s Hands-on Learning Program in Okinawa

TOKYO, Japan - December 14, 2017 - ORIX Miyauchi Foundation hosted the Children's Hands-on Learning Program on December 2, 2017, to teach about the ecology of coral reefs in Okinawa. This activity is part of the Okinawan Coral Reef Revitalization Project - SANGO ORIX. The coral seedlings that the children made will eventually be transplanted into the ocean off Okinawa.

The project has taken place 11 times this year. We invited 60 children and staff from foster homes, maternal and child living support facilities, and so forth in Okinawa Prefecture to Okidenkaihatsu.,Co.Inc. Aquaculture Research Center (Urazoe City, Okinawa Prefecture). Participants learned about coral reefs and planted seedlings with the volunteers from Okiden Kaihatsu and ORIX Group companies to revive the coral reefs.

(1) Learn about the natural environment in
  "What is a coral reef? Is it a plant or
  an animal?"
(2) Create a base for coral seedlings
(3) Visit a coral reef cultivation aquarium
  Hands-on experience with sea cucumbers
  and starfish
(4) Pick sea grapes
(5) Lunch or snack break

Children placing coral seedlings on the base they created 

During the project on the natural environment in Okinawa, children were surprised to learn that coral is an animal. Children carefully placed the seedlings whose bases they had painted in the aquarium, hoping that they would grow well. The children were excited to touch the sea cucumbers and starfish during the hands-on experience, and the venue was filled with cheerful voices.

ORIX Group established the ORIX Social Fund in April 2006 with the goal of contributing to society through social welfare, the cultivation of children and youth for future society, and the promotion of music and the arts; areas that are outside its traditional business activities. In December 2010, ORIX Foundation was approved as a public interest incorporated foundation by the Prime Minister, and took its current name in June of 2014.

Going forward, ORIX Miyauchi Foundation will continue its support for social activities under ORIX Group and contribute to the realization of a truly affluent society.

■Okinawan Coral Reef Revitalization Project - SANGO ORIX
ORIX Group has been engaged in coral transplantation since the start of this project in 2008. ORIX Miyauchi Foundations has transplanted 9,600 seedlings and continues its efforts.


■Past Activities of the Children's Hands-on Learning Program
Since March 2009, we have invited 60 to 70 children in Okinawa to participate in each session of this program. Children visit facilities to touch and see marine species, and make bases for coral seedlings. We believe these activities provide children the opportunity to learn and think about the beauty and importance of nature and conservation. Coral seedlings are nurtured at the aquarium for about three months before being transplanted into the ocean off the coast of Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture.
(Photos from October 2016)


 ■ORIX Miyauchi Foundation
ORIX Group established the ORIX Social Fund in April 2006 with the goal of contributing to society through social welfare, the cultivation of children and youth for future society, the promotion of sports, music and the arts, and international cooperation; areas outside of its traditional business activities. To continue these activities, we established the ORIX Foundation in April 2010. The foundation was approved as a public interest incorporated foundation by the Prime Minister in December 2010 and renamed the ORIX Miyauchi Foundation in June 2014. The ORIX Miyauchi Foundation is engaged in social contribution activities to promote public benefit and realize a truly affluent society.

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