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February 6, 2013

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Professional Baseball Player Ichiro to Appear in ORIX Bank’s First Television Commercial
Scheduled to Air From Friday, February 8, 2013 in the Kanto and Kansai Regions

TOKYO, Japan - February 6, 2013 - ORIX Bank Corporation (hereinafter "ORIX Bank") announced today that it will feature professional baseball player Ichiro Suzuki in its first television commercial for broadcast in the Kanto and Kansai regions of Japan from February 8 (Friday). The ORIX Group signed an advertising contract with Mr. Suzuki in 2011.

Referred to affectionately by his first name in Japan, Mr. Suzuki played for the ORIX BlueWave (now ORIX Buffaloes) from 1992 to 2000, where he set numerous records, including the batting average leader for seven straight seasons. He also helped his team win the Pacific League pennant in 1995 and the Japan Series one year later in 1996. In the 2000 offseason, he transferred to the U.S. major league, where he became a household name.

The ORIX Group takes on challenges to deliver new answers for customers under the corporate slogan "Answers, Custom Fit." By featuring Ichiro, who is known as a baseball player that has continued to grow by taking up challenges himself, this television commercial expresses ORIX Bank's aspirations.

                  Scenes from the new television commercial

● The television commercial can be viewed on ORIX's website starting 15:00 on Friday, February 8, 2013.
http://www.orixbank.co.jp/cm/ 新しいウィンドウで開きます。

Through this television commercial, ORIX Bank hopes that even more customers will become familiar with its name, and that it can provide attractive products and services, with the aim of being the bank customers choose to use.

Television Commercial Overview
Title: "Japanese Banks All Look the Same" and "Japanese Banks Aren't Going Anywhere"
■ Cast: Ichiro Suzuki, professional baseball player
Hiroki Nakada, Junichi Morita, Masanori Sakaida, Masahiro, Yosuke Matsushita
■ Commercial launch: Friday, February 8, 2013
■ Broadcast area: Kanto and Kansai regions

Television Commercial Storyboard
■ "Japanese Banks All Look the Same" (15 seconds)
The scene opens as men dressed in identical suits with their backs turned gaze out on a cluster of buildings visible through large windows in the background.
Ichiro voiceover: "Japanese banks all look the same to me."
All but one figure turns around to reveal that they are all wearing glasses and look the same.
The remaining figure turns around revealing Ichiro.
Looking clearly different from the others, he says with a convincing voice, "Answers, Custom Fit."
The commercial closes with a close up of Ichiro with a confident expression on his face.

■ "Japanese Banks Aren't Going Anywhere" (15 seconds)
Identically dressed men are walking in a line.
Ichiro voiceover: "To me, it looks like Japanese banks aren't going anywhere."
The line takes three steps forward, followed by two steps back.
Ichiro walks briskly alongside the line.
With a relaxed expression he says, "Answers, Custom Fit."
He then proceeds to pass the men.

Profile of Ichiro


: Ichiro Suzuki
: October 22, 1973 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan
: 180 cm
: 71 kg
: Right
: Left

Drafted in the fourth round by ORIX BlueWave (now ORIX Buffaloes) from Aikodai Meiden High School.
Won 7 consecutive batting average leader titles from the 1994 season. Was also a 3-time league MVP, and was selected in the Best Nine squad for 7 straight years, and won the Golden Glove award 7 times in a row. In 1996, he helped his team win the Japan Series.
November 2000
Transferred to the U.S. major league Seattle Mariners. In 2001, Ichiro was the batting average leader, stolen bases leader, American League MVP, and Rookie of the Year in the American League.
Broke the Major League Baseball single-season hit record with 262 hits, and was batting average leader for the second time. He has become one of the most recognizable figures in Major League Baseball, and in 2010 recorded 200 hits for the 10th straight year.
Traded to the New York Yankees midseason, and helped the team win the divisional title.
Ichiro is anticipated to be a key member of the New York Yankees during the 2013 season. 


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