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February 6, 2012

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Announcement Regarding Investment in Major Vietnamese Medical Equipment Sales Company
―Second Investment by DI Asian Industrial Fund ―

TOKYO, Japan – February 6, 2012 – Dream Incubator Inc. (TSE: 4310; hereinafter, “DI”) and ORIX Corporation (TSE: 8591; NYSE: IX; hereinafter, “ORIX”) announced today that DI Asian Industrial Fund (hereinafter, “DIAIF”), a joint venture between both companies, has agreed to acquire shares of Japan Vietnam Medical Instrument Joint Stock Company (Headquarters: Vietnam; President: Le Van Huong; hereinafter “JVC”), a major Vietnamese medical equipment sales company, and to subscribe to a third party allotment of new shares to be issued by JVC. Through this share acquisition and subscription to new shares, DIAIF plans to acquire an equity interest of approximately 31.1% in JVC.

JVC is a leading company in the sale and rental of medical diagnostic imaging equipment, including MRI scanners and CT instruments manufactured by Japanese medical equipment manufacturers, as well as consumable medical supplies, to Vietnamese medical institutions. In Vietnam, the government and the World Bank are playing a pivotal role in a major hospital modernization drive. Measures have included providing support for procuring medical equipment to approximately 1,000 national hospitals throughout the country, offering strong growth prospects going forward. Since its foundation 10 years ago, JVC has supported the improvement of medical technology in Vietnam, and has a proven sales track record with around 140 hospitals as clients. Furthermore, JVC has staked out a solid position in Vietnam’s healthcare sector, notably with the successful listing of its shares in 2011 on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange.

Mr. Huong, the president of JVC, graduated from a Japanese university and has worked for a Japanese company in the past. Due to this background, JVC currently has business relationships with more than 15 Japanese medical equipment manufacturers. JVC is engaged in operations ranging from equipment sales to rental, repair and maintenance, operation of “clinics on wheels” for medical checkups, and operation of an artificial dialysis center. Through investment from DIAIF, JVC intends to actively increase collaboration and create new businesses with Japanese manufacturers, with the aim of becoming a comprehensive healthcare services provider in Vietnam. Following this stock acquisition, DIAIF will provide management assistance to JVC by assigning a strategic consultant from DI to serve as a director of JVC.

DIAIF was established in June 2010, and is Japan’s largest investment fund targeting promising Vietnamese companies. Combining DI’s experience in strategic consulting for large corporations and venture capital investment abilities with ORIX’s overseas investment and fund operating know-how, the two companies are jointly managing the investment fund. DIAIF has also attracted participation by leading Japanese companies as investors, in addition to the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC). DI and ORIX will continue to maximize both companies’ skills and expertise to foster the creation of new businesses at investee companies and Japanese companies, with the view to contributing to the growth of industry in Japan and Vietnam.

Overview of JVC

Stock Listing:
Business Activities:    

Japan Vietnam Medical Instrument Joint Stock Company
Le Van Huong
Hanoi, Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange
Sale and rental of medical equipment, sale of consumable medical supplies,
operation of “clinic on wheels” for medical checkups and other operations

Overview of DI Asian Industrial Fund (DIAIF)

Capital Commitment:
Operational Period:
Investment Target:

5 billion yen
June 2010
Joint operation by DI and ORIX
8 years 
Mainly promising companies in domestic-focused areas such as consumable products as well as the retail and distribution industries in Vietnam.

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