Message From the CEO

Bringing Our Society “Alive” - This Is ORIX’s Continuing Challenge.


“Who is ORIX?” Stakeholders often ask me this question. Since making our start in the leasing business upon our foundation, we have constantly expanded the scope of our operations into adjacent fields and have grown into a global company encompassing a variety of businesses. The diversity of our businesses makes ORIX a unique company without peers worldwide. It may be difficult to understand, but the unique ORIX business model transcends industry categories.
ORIX has thrived by quickly recognizing changes in society and markets and turning them into opportunities. Going forward, we will continue to change. As a global company, we will accelerate further development of our operations by bringing business from abroad to Japan.
Our management philosophies of Creating New Value and Standing on Our Own Two Feet have been steadfast over the years and are the source of our sustained growth. Taking initiatives by seriously thinking about how ORIX can create new value in response to society’s issues and needs, and working for society while maintaining autonomy without relying on others are crucial for us. These management philosophies, unchanged since our inception, have led to the growth of ORIX and our contribution to society.
At ORIX, we are helping to create a vibrant society through our diverse efforts. By expanding our business and growing as a company, ORIX has assumed a great social responsibility. We will fulfill that social responsibility by continuing to think about the interests of our stakeholders and contributing to the revitalization of the economy and people through our business activities. We thank all our stakeholders for their continuing support of ORIX.

Makoto Inoue
Makoto Inoue
Representative Executive Officer
President and Chief Executive Officer

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