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Corporate Philosophy

Reflecting back on the History of ORIX  Senior Chairman

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ORIX started in Osaka, Japan in 1964 with 13 employees and capital of 100 million yen. The company celebrated its 50th anniversary in April 2014.

Since its establishment, ORIX has ridden the wave of Japan's economic growth and financial business diversification to expand its expertise from its starting point of leasing to gradually spread into neighboring business fields. As a result, ORIX has developed into a unique company unlike any other in the world.

ORIX has cherished two concepts while expanding its business; one of which is "creating new value." ORIX has its origin in providing leasing, which was a new business concept in Japan back when the company was established. Although we have since then steered the company into the direction of diversification and globalization, I have always managed the company with a firm mission in mind to constantly provide something new, that brings about new value to society.
Another concept that we have cherished is "standing on our own two feet," or self-reliance.
We have always maintained autonomy, not having to rely on the banks and trading companies who were our original shareholders on matters including human resources, marketing and sales, and funding, and by always managing the company with a sense of tension throughout the years in which we saw dramatic changes in the business environment surrounding us.
"Creating new value" and "standing on our own two feet" are the two symbolic concepts that describe the "ORIX-way," and I believe they will continue to be our important features that will be passed on in the future.

I have always believed in contributing to the economy and society through corporate activities. In order to achieve this end, we need to take our actions in a dynamic, agile manner, in accordance with the changes in the surrounding environment. Furthermore, we need to always look ahead of time and seek out new market, in addition to tackling new challenges. I have strong conviction that these qualities will drive ORIX's growth in the next 50 years and the years after.
Going forward, I hope to support ORIX which continues to forge ahead towards further growth from the new standpoint of Senior Chairman.

Senior Chairman


Corporate Philosophy

ORIX is constantly anticipating market needs and working to contribute to society by developing leading financial services on a global scale and striving to offer innovative products that create new value for customers.

Management Policy

1. ORX strives to meet the diverse needs of its customers and to deepen trust by constantly providing superior services.2. ORIX aims to strengthen its base of operations and achieve sustained growth by integrating its resources to promote synergies amongst different units.3. ORIX makes efforts to develop a corporate culture that shares a sense of fulfillment and pride by developing personnel resources through corporate programs and promoting professional development.4. ORIX aims to attain stable medium-and long- term growth in shareholder value by implementing these initiatives.

Action Guidelines

Creativity Develop the fiexibility and foresight to constantly take actions that are creative and innovative.Integration Enhance ORIX Group strength by actively exchanging knowledge, ideas, and experiences.

Difining ORIX's Corporate Vision in the Spirit of EC21

EC21 (Excellent Company)

ORIX established the corporate conduct charter in an effort to becaome an “Excellent Company in the 21st Century”

EC21 (Excellent Company)
ORIX established this corporate conduct charter in order to continue being an “Excellent Company in the 21st Century”