Xpect the Next Xpect the Next

Astute moves and adaptability

Our goal is to contribute to society by creating new value. Thi s is made possible through understanding and respect for local cultures, laws and customs which allow us to identify changes in society. Astute moves and flexible responses to the changes in society and markets are fundamental to our business operations. ORIX employees are skilled at identifying changes and embracing them as opportunities. Our people are the driving force of growth at ORIX.



With our roots in leasing, ORIX has grown to become an enterprise unlike any other. In our 50-year history, we have constantly sought opportunities and overcome many of challenges in the ever-changing social and business climate.

One of our hallmarks is “solution-making” which involves thinking absolutely everything through - from customer requests to positive outcomes. ORIX is dedicated to finding “the answer” to fulfill individualized needs and circumstances for each customer.

Local Autonomy,Organic ConnectivityLocal Autonomy,Organic Connectivity

ORIX – Understanding
Markets Deeply,
Thinking Globally,
Acting Locally

Global expansion rooted in local economies

ORIX’ s global network spans 37 countries and regions.
Global expansion rooted in local economies has supported optimum on-site performance. Local management enables tailoring of ORIX’ s services to target local needs while maintaining a unified corporate iden tity of ORIX. Our businesses are therefore attuned to each of t he countries and regions we serve, allowing for provision of services at a uniformly high standard across the globe.

Our Group

Since 1971, ORIX is an extraordinary enterprise linking 37 countries and regions, and 13 business domains worldwide.

Informed and Timely Decision-makingInformed and Timely Decision-making

An Emphasis on
Steady Growth Over
Short-lived Opportunities

Identify and take healthy risks

ORIX has expanded its businesses through innovation and challenges that respond to diversifying customer needs. Growth is not risk-free: choice of healthy risks are crucial. The risk management at ORIX ensures that only healthy risks are taken, through assessment of the po tential impact and soundness of applicable risks.

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